May 23, 2018

All You Magazine January 2014 Coupons

Jan 4, 2014

All You January 2014 Magazine

There are some great coupons in All You Magazine this month! This is the only magazine that I pay for a subscription to because it always has a lot of coupons.

Here are the coupons you can expect to find in the January 2014 Issue of All You Magazine (the coupons are very lacking this month), with my favorite coupons in bold:

  • $2/1 Zicam Product
  • 50¢/1 Success Brown Rice
  • $1/2 Stouffer’s Entrees for One
  • $1/2 Post Great Grains Shredded Wheat and Grape-Nuts Fit
  • $1/2 Lean Cuisine Morning Collection or Lean Cuisine Wrap Additions
  • $1/1 Dove Hair
  • $1/2 Hormel Chili Product
  • $1/3 Bush’s Grillin’ Beans
  • $1/1 Butterball Deli Meat
  • $1/1 Butterball Every Day Frozen Turkey Burgers
  • 75¢/1 Butterball Regular or Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon or Butterball Every Day Turkey Dinner Sausage

Note: Subscription issue may differ from newsstand issue.


  1. Mandy Street says:

    Hi there! I’ve always been a coupon user – but have been getting very serious about it lately since our budget is a little tighter due to the increase in cost to heat our home this winter (we live in Northern Wisconsin-so it’s COLD). Anyway, I recently subscribed to “All You” and got my subscription for free! I collect the “My Coke Rewards” points, and currently, participants of the My Coke Rewards program may redeem 333 reward points for a free 1 year subscription to “All You”. It can be time consuming to rack up the points sometimes – 20-oz. sodas are worth 3 points, 12-packs are 10 points, and 20-packs or 24-packs are 18-20 points… and a maximum weekly submission of 7 codes I believe it is. However; I find it very worth it. I use my points on coupons for “free 12-packs”, “All You”, and other various coupon or gift card deals. To ensure I enter the max amount of weekly codes allowed, I post on facebook that I’m looking for codes and friends/family will message me with the codes or collect a baggie of them for me to grab whenever I see them next. (I’m also quite saavy with my codes as well – sometimes they have “bonus points” on certain products, so I try to sort the rewards according to size… soda bottle tops in one bin, 12-pack codes in another, and 20-24-packs in another. Then, when promo’s come up like, “double points on 24-packs of Coke products”, you bet I’m dippin’ into the higher point value bin and entereing those until the promotion is up! 🙂 Just thought I’d share the fact that you can get “All You” for free instead of paying for a subscription. Happy couponing!

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