November 24, 2017

DIY Dishwasher Tablets

Jul 16, 2015

DIY Dishwasher Tablets |Save money by making your own dishwasher tabs! This easy recipe calls for only 3 ingredients!

I’m going to show you how to make your very own Dishwasher Tablets! You’ll be amazed at how easy these are to make. Best of all, these DIY dishwasher tablets use only three ingredients that you probably already have on hand!

I absolutely love making my own household products! Not only are they saving me a huge amount of money, but I get to choose exactly what I use in my products.

You don’t realize how fast the cost adds up with the small things, such as dishwasher tablets, that you toss in your shopping cart. Save some money and try making your own dishwasher tablets with this recipe!

DIY Dishwasher Tablets |Save money by making your own dishwasher tabs! This easy recipe calls for only 3 ingredients!

You’ll need:

First, grab a small bowl and pour in your borax and arm & hammer powder and mix it together using a fork.

DIY Dishwasher Tablets |Save money by making your own dishwasher tabs! This easy recipe calls for only 3 ingredients!

Then pour in your lemon juice and quickly stir all the power and lemon juice together to form a wet sand consistency.

DIY Dishwasher Tablets |Save money by making your own dishwasher tabs! This easy recipe calls for only 3 ingredients!

While the mixture is still moist spoon into your mini muffin pans and press down firmly. Allow the tablets to dry for 10 minutes and then remove from the pan.

DIY Dishwasher Tablets |Save money by making your own dishwasher tabs! This easy recipe calls for only 3 ingredients!

Pop one into your dishwasher tablet dispenser and run cycle like normal. Enjoy sparkling, clean dishes for a fraction of the cost!


DIY Dishwasher Tablets |Save money by making your own dishwasher tabs! This easy recipe calls for only 3 ingredients!

20 Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

Jun 11, 2015

20 Father's Day DIY Gift Ideas | Homemade gifts are so thoughtful and meaningful. This list has some simple and fun gifts that Dad will love - pallet coasters, mustache mugs, beard conditioning oil and more!

Father’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re looking for something unique to give a special dad this year, this list of great Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas will help you out.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be nice, and handmade gifts are so thoughtful and meaningful. This list has some simple and elegant gifts that anyone would love — dad, grandpa, brother, friend, cousin, uncle, etc. From Pallet Coasters and Mustache Mugs to Beard Conditioning Oil and Comfy Pajama Pants, there’s something for everyone!

20 Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

1. DIY Mini Pallet Coasters via Cooking Like Lou
These little pallet coasters are SO clever! I saw them on Pinterest a couple months back and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. I think these are “manly” enough to be a great gift idea for Father’s Day! And they look so easy to make.

2. Father’s Day Personalized Magnet Board via Whipperberry
For something with more of a personal touch, this is such a wonderful idea! Personalize with photos and decorate it however you’d like. I just love the free printable it comes with. So precious.

3. DIY Sharpie Mustache Mug via One Little Project
Okay. Seriously? These are so adorable! Bonus: they are useful. Great gift idea for the coffee lover.

4. Abstract Art Daddy Cut-Out Sign via Lovely Design
I love the simplicity and elegance of this pretty little sign. It would look so nice in Daddy’s work area.

5. DIY Beard Conditioning Oil via The Ambitious Acre
For the man who is proud of his beard, this is such a fun and useful gift idea. Make it yourself using essential oils!

6. DIY Pre-Shave and After-Shave via One Project Closer
Another essential oil recipe that Dad is sure to love! The smells of Lavender, Valor, and Orange will be relaxing and soothing. He is sure to become addicted to these all-natural shaving recipes.

7. Father’s Day Grillin’ Towel via Craft Whatever
This is a very simple sewing tutorial to make a handmade grilling towel for Dad. I do not sew, and this doesn’t even look too intimidating to me! A good portion of it is iron-on patches. I love that this towel is masculine, yet pretty and elegant!

8. DIY Glass Paperweights via In My Own Style
These are so simple and so great for Dad’s desk! They look really easy to make — just some simple decoupage!

9. Little Handmade Notebooks via See Kate Sew
These are amazing. I’m in love. For Dad. For Anyone. So cute. So simple. So perfect for anyone who loves writing things down — thoughts, to-do lists, ramblings, doodles, etc.

10. Comfy Pajama Pants via Sew 4 Home
What Dad doesn’t love to lounge around the house in comfy PJ pants? Follow this easy sewing tutorial for some DIY PJ pants for Dad!

11. Lego Cuff Links via Fun Favors Events
For the geeky Dad who still loves all things Lego, this is a fun one! Make him some Lego Cuff Links. Super easy!

12. Monogrammed Cuff Links via The Purl Bee
Want something a little bit more elegant? Try your hand at these monogrammed cuff links!

13. Stress Away Sugar Scrub via ABC Creative Learning
I know, I know. It’s a sugar scrub. But sugar scrubs don’t have to just be for women! So many Dads are weighed down with stress, so give him this scrub to help the stress melt away!

14. Rustic Pencil Holder via Strawberry Chic
For the artistic Dad, this rustic pencil holder is awesome! Or he can use it for regular pens and pencils at his desk! I love the natural look of this.

15. Pocket Watch Photo Album via The Mother Huddle
I am in love with this idea! So classic with a personal touch!

16. DIY Men’s Wallet via Jinky’s Crafts Designs
If you really want to get crafty, you can try your hand at this homemade men’s wallet! How cool is that?!

17. Custom Checkerboard via Aly & Ash Creations
For the Dad who loves board games, this is a fun idea! Make your own custom checkerboard from tile, vinyl, and wood.

18. Hand Painted Mousepad via Design Sponge
Whoa. This is so cool! Hand paint a custom mousepad for a Dad who is frequently on the computer. Don’t worry if you’re not artistic — you get to use stencils.

19. DIY Spice Containers for Grill Rubs via Kojo Designs
For the Dad who loves to grill or cook, this is a unique gift idea that is really simple and easy to make.

20. DIY Grilling Prep Plates via These Little Loves
Going along with the same theme, you can make these custom grilling prep plates that are sure to be useful for the Dad who grills out frequently!

Do you enjoy making homemade DIY gifts? What other ideas have you tried that you might add to this list?

20 Board Games for Family Game Night

Jun 4, 2015

20 Board Games for Family Game Night! Freshen up your game night routine with these fun family board games!

Family game nights are one of the easiest ways to have some frugal fun and spend quality time with the people you love most.

If your game cabinet has gotten a little stale or you just want to add on to what you already have, check out these ideas for some of the best board games for family game night! This is a list of quality games that are sure to provide hours and hours of family fun!

20 Board Games for Family Game Night

1. Settlers of Catan (3-4 players, more if you have expansion packs)
If I could recommend one and only one board game to add to your family’s game collection, this would be it. I have long been an avid board game player, and this game was introduced to me about a year ago. It quickly became my favorite, and I will play it over any other board game any chance I have. It has all the qualities of a perfect board game: chance, strategy, laughs, fierce competition, and ideal duration of game play. It never gets old. You will play it over and over again. And the best part? If the game should ever become old news, it has expansion packs that add on to the original game! I recommend SeaFarers or Cities & Knights. Both are so much fun and completely change the game play. You can always grab Catan Junior for the younger kids. And if you’re a complete and total Star Trek nerd like me, the Star Trek Catan is super fun. I switch up playing that version and the regular version. 😀

2. Ticket To Ride (2-5 players)
Days of Wonder creates the best overall collection of board games in existence, hands down. Ticket To Ride is an exceptional game that I have played hundreds of time with family and friends. I like it because it’s unlike any other kind of game you will play. It’s great for both kids and adults. If you get bored with it, you can pick up one of the Ticket to Ride variations. I’ve heard the Ticket to Ride Europe variation is really fun, because it adds in many new elements like ferries and tunnels (in addition to the original trains).

3. Small World (2-5 players)
This is my other favorite Days of Wonder board game. It’s reminiscent of Risk, but with more strategy, less chance, and shorter game time (everyone says hooray!). This is a board game involving conquering regions and enemy troops, but it’s all fantastical in nature. The races are made up of elves, dwarves, halflings, wizards, and more! You combine your chosen fantasy race with a special power to strategize and win the game. The artwork is beautifully done and the game play is SO much fun! And again, there are many Small World variations if you tire of the original.

4. Balderdash (2-6 players, but I’ve played with up to 10)
This is an amazing game, and one of my absolute favorite games to play with a larger group of people. If you love words and creativity, this game is for you. The object of the game is to come up with a definition, movie plot, famous person’s biography, acronym meaning, or laughable law that convinces everyone else in the game it is the original from the card. I think what I love most about it is seeing how creative all of my family and friends are! It’s incredible. It’s a challenging game that offers friendly competition and lots of laughs. It also doesn’t require too much intense concentration, so it’s a fun one to play while also enjoying conversation with a group.

5. Dutch Blitz (2-4 players)
This is a hidden gem of a card game that is fast-paced and such a blast! I like playing with 4 players best, because it moves really quickly and gets chaotic. If you like fast-paced games, this one is for you! Warning: this game can get violent when competition gets fierce. 😉

6. Parcheesi (2-4 players)
I have been playing this game since I was a little girl, and it is one of the best all-time classic board games (in my opinion). It plays similar to Trouble, but it’s more complicated and way more fun.

7. Scrabble (2-4 players) or Bananagrams (1-8 players)
Ah, another classic! What word lover doesn’t love a friendly, competitive game of Scrabble?! If you want to switch it up a little or have more than 4 players, definitely give Bananagrams a try! It’s a fun twist on Scrabble!

8. 10 Days in Asia, Africa, or Europe (2-4 players)
The 10 Days In… series of games is incredible. They are fun and educational. These are great for helping kids learn geography. I personally love 10 Days in Asia, but it looks like the only one available on Amazon is 10 Days in Europe. I would forego 10 Days in USA, as it is pretty boring (but maybe that’s just me). You can go HERE to find an online retailer or store near you that carries these games.

9. Skip-Bo (2-6 players)
This is another one I’ve been playing since I was really young. This is a sequencing card game created by the makers of UNO, but I much prefer it to UNO any day!

10. Sequence (2+ players)
This game has hidden touches of many other games (poker, canasta, rummy), and it’s a great game to play with the entire family! It’s easy for kids but challenging for adults. I always love pulling this one out on game night for something a little bit different.

11. Pictionary (3+ players)
One of my most prized possessions is my original Pictionary board game that I found at a garage sale for $2. Pictionary never gets old for me. This is a tried and true favorite in our family! It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw well — that just makes it even better and more hilarious! Over the years, we have saved drawings that were horrible just to laugh at them later. 😉

12. Dixit (3-6 players)
This is a game I picked up recently during an Amazon Board Game Sale, and it has become a favorite among my friends. It is a really unique game with absolutely gorgeous artwork on each card. This game really activates the imagination and promotes creative thinking. It’s great for kids or adults!

13. Spy Alley (2-6 players)
I played this game for the first time this past weekend, and it’s awesome!! It’s a fun game of trickery and strategy, and the four of us who played it for the first time absolutely loved it. We played multiple times in one night, and it has been added into the regular rotation for our board game get-togethers!

14. Catch Phrase (4+ players)
This is the ultimate party game for a large group of people. You only need 4 people to play, but you can play with an infinite amount of people. You just need an even amount of people, divided into two teams. You have to creatively get your team members to guess a word, while also paying attention to the timer. The game proceeds much like hot potato, and whoever is left with the device at the end of each round loses. I also love this game because it tends to appeal to all types of people — even those who are not your traditional board gamers.

15. Backgammon (2 players)
If you have a large group of people, sometimes it’s fun to divide up into groups and play tournaments of 2-player games. This is a timeless classic of a game (and my personal favorite 2-player game). I like it because it’s not as strategy-heavy as Chess, but it has a good enough does of strategy to keep it fun and challenging.

16. Othello (2 players)
A minute to learn, a lifetime to master. That’s the tagline for this game, and it is oh-so-true! This is another awesome strategic 2-player game that is so much fun. I’m still perfecting my strategy on this game, and I’ve been playing it for a couple years.

17. Munchkin (3-8 players)
If you like or have ever been curious about Dungeons and Dragons, this is a cool variation! It’s silly, hilarious, and a fun one for a large group of people.

18. Carcassonne (2-5 players)
This is one I have yet to play, but have heard raving reviews about. It is supposed to appeal to lovers of Risk, Small World, and Catan. And many people say it is superior to the others. Its value lies in the replay value and strategic fun.

19. Risk (2-5 players)
It’s been alluded to many times in this round-up, and I don’t think a board game list is complete without it! A classic game of strategy and chance. If you don’t mind a game that lasts for hours, this is one that all board game lovers have to experience!

20. Deck of Cards
No game night is complete without a deck or two of cards. I love that with a couple decks of cards, there are infinite possibilities for a couple or many players. My all-time favorite card games are Spades and Liverpool Rummy, but I’m sure you have your favorites among your family and friends!

Are there any family favorites you would add to this list? Let’s hear in the comments!

Written by contributing author Meg, who is a total book worm, animal lover, neat freak, vegetarian foodie, and wannabe world traveler. She is passionate about hiking, writing, exceptional coffee, yoga, and good music. She is also a self-labeled nerd and thoroughly enjoys all things Star Trek and Harry Potter.

30 Mother’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

May 2, 2015

30 Mother's Day DIY Gift Ideas | Handmade gifts are so thoughtful and meaningful. This list has some simple and elegant gifts that anyone would love - jewelry, sewing projects, body scrubs,  and more!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re looking for something unique to give a special mom this year, this list of great Mother’s Day DIY Gift Ideas will help you out.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be nice, and handmade gifts are so thoughtful and meaningful. This list has some simple and elegant gifts that anyone would love — mom, grandma, sister, friend, cousin, aunt, etc. From jewelry & sewing projects to body scrubs & homemade coasters, there’s something for everyone!

30 Mother’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

1. Luxurious Homemade Whipped Body Butter via Real Food Enthusiast
What woman wouldn’t absolutely love a moisturizing body butter that is infused with delicious-smelling oils?

2. Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub via Bargain Briana
Sometimes women’s hands need some rejuvenation, especially after being in the kitchen for a while. This lemon hand scrub is sure to cleanse and rejuvenate tired and overworked hands.

3. Lavender Vanilla Sachet via The 36th Avenue
This little sachet is so simple, yet so beautiful and elegant. I love it!

4. Green Tea Scrub via Dear Crissy
This body scrub will give skin a cleansing boost, and it’s the perfect addition to a well-deserved relaxation night for mom!

5. Box of Love via How Does She
I love this meaningful gift. So sweet and so personal. I love that you can get creative and make each box completely different.

6. Circle Inspiration Bracelet via Sometimes Homemade
This is such a simple piece of jewelry, yet so empowering. I think these would be really pretty with some pastel pink or purple cord. Looks like it comes together quickly, too!

7. Thread Wrapped Earrings via Creature Comforts
I’ve made these for friends in the past, and everyone goes wild over them! They are so simple to make, but the finished product looks fantastic. You can have fun with the colors, too.

8. Pressed Flower iPhone Case via Etsy Blog
Is this not absolutely beautiful?! It doesn’t look too difficult, either! I would love to try this one to give as a gift.

9. Ceramic Photo Coasters via Cardstore Blog
These personable coasters make a great gift that will last a long time in the home.

10. Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase via Home Stories A to Z
This is so lovely and easy to make. Grab a nice bouquet of inexpensive wildflowers to finish it off!

11. Lavender Bath Salts via Real Food Enthusiast
There’s nothing like the smell of lavender at bath time, and these bath salts look like the perfect gift for a mom who needs some time to escape and de-stress.

12. Scented Wax Melts via Bargain Briana
These wax melts are such a great alternative to traditional candles, and they make a home smell so good! You can have fun with the scents, too!

13. Meyer Lemon Bath Fizzies via Dear Crissy
Mmm. The smell of lemon is so refreshing. These bath fizzies are such a nice gift idea!

14. Lovely DIY Sun Hat via How Does She
This is so pretty! Perfect gift idea for a mom who loves to garden.

15. DIY Beaded Suncatcher via Live Craft Love
Isn’t this suncatcher just gorgeous? This would be a fun gift to make for a special friend or mom.

16. Bow Front Clutch via Polka Dot Chair
So. Cute. This would work as a gift for just about anyone — regardless of style preference or age! It’s just too adorable and versatile.

17. Dish Soap Cake Stand via Natalme
This is way too easy to make, and it’s so functional! Love it.

18. Makeup Magnetic Board via Making the World Cuter
Know a mom who is having trouble keeping her cosmetics organized? This is an awesome (and cute) solution!

19. Lavender Chamomile Tea Soap via A Pumpkin & A Princess
Who doesn’t love the wonderful smell of homemade soap? I love that this one is made from tea! Chamomile helps soothe and relax your body, so this is an awesome gift for a tired mom.

20. Painted Rock Garden Markers via Crafts By Amanda
Another great gift idea for the gardeners, these are ridiculously adorable. (And the kids would have fun helping out with this one!)

21. Fabric Scrap Keychains via Craftiness is not Optional
So easy and so fun! I love the colors.

22. West Elm Inspired Sharpie Mugs via Put a Bird On It
I’m obsessed with this. How can a sharpie make a mug look so high-quality and awesome?! What a cool gift idea.

23. Glass Pebble Magnets via Stampin Fool
I’ve made these magnets countless amounts of times for people. They are such easy gift ideas. And magnets have a way of disappearing over time, so it’s always nice to get a new set.

24. Lavender Pillow Mist via Real Food Enthusiast
A mist of lavender on the pillow before bedtime makes for a restful night’s sleep. And let’s face it — almost every mom in existence could use more of those.

25. Coconut Lime Foot Soak via Bargain Briana
Tired feet will love this soothing foot soak. Perfect gift for a mom who is constantly on her feet. (Although, I’m pretty sure all moms are!)

26. Detox Bath Salts via Dear Crissy
For moms who are super stressed out or feel weighed down, this is a great gift idea. This detox mix will draw out toxins from the body and leave her feeling brand new, energized, and healthy.

27. Self Soaping Scrubbie via One Good Thing By Jillee
What a cool idea! And it seems super easy, too!

28. DIY Tea Wreath via Kojo Designs
This is probably my all-time favorite DIY gift. For any tea lover, it is such a beautiful gift idea (and it costs next to nothing).

29. Mason Jar Sewing Kit via Polka Dot Chair
For the mom who has been wanting to learn some basic sewing skills, this is such a great gift packaged in a really fun way!

30. DIY Tile Coasters via The Cottage Mama
Another classic. Give the gift of homemade coasters. They are really inexpensive to make, and they last forever. I’ve had mine for over 5 years now!

Do you enjoy making homemade DIY gifts? What other ideas have you tried that you might add to this list?

50 Outdoor Kids Activities for Spring

Apr 23, 2015

Take advantage of the beautiful Spring weather with these 50 FUN Outdoor Activities for Kids!

Can you believe it’s already April?! Spring is in full bloom and the kids are probably getting antsy with the end of the school year right around the corner.

When the weather is this beautiful, it’s such a great idea to find fun outdoor activities for the kids to enjoy. The great thing is that outdoor activities don’t have to be expensive! Check out this list for some inspiration on some frugal and fun outdoor kids activities for spring.

50 Outdoor Kids Activities for Spring

1. Hula Hoop Hideout via The Craft Nest
These super cool backyard hideouts are hanging “tents” made from sheets and hula hoops! Kids will have their own little individual adventures involving play and snack time. Bonus: it provides shade on those hot sunny days.

2. DIY Giant Water Blob via Paging Fun Mums
Make a huge outdoor water bed with this easy to follow tutorial! And it costs under $10 to make! This is sure to provide hours of fun for kiddos.

3. Nature Scavenger Hunt via The Taylor House
This is such a fun idea to encourage educational outdoor play! And you can change it up for your specific geographical location and neighborhood.

4. Spray Chalk via The Clever Pink
Switch up the ole sidewalk chalk routine with something a little bit different! Super easy (and cheap) to make!

5. Garden Rock Caterpillar via Nellie Bellie
Well, isn’t this just adorable?! Gather a collection of rocks and paint to have kids make their very own caterpillar! How fun!!

6. DIY Pool Noodle Sprinkler via Ziggity Zoom
No sprinkler? All you need is a hose and a simple pool noodle to create lasting sprinkler fun in your backyard. How clever!

7. Giant Yard Twister Game via Instructables
Play a giant game of Twister right in your backyard, and there’s no slippery mat to worry about! You play it right in the grass.

8. Recycled Bottle Bowling via Moon Frye
You even get to be environmentally-friendly with this one! Save up your old plastic bottles and turn them into bowling pins! All you’ll need is a tennis ball.

9. Giant Pick-Up Sticks from I Heart Naptime
This giant game of pick-up sticks made from bamboo stalks is such a genius idea! Who wouldn’t love life-sized pick-up sticks? (I would!)

10. Backyard Oversized Memory Game from Dollar Store Crafts
Grab some poster board and make a giant memory game to play in your backyard. This is perfect for younger children just learning their numbers or ABCs!

11. Backyard Obstacle Course via Simple Kids
Create your own competitive obstacle course! These are tons of great ideas to customize it exactly how you want it with what you already have on hand.

12. Bottle Rockets via Science Sparks
You can’t ever go wrong with…rockets! And these are so easy to make with household objects you probably already have on hand. Kids will love this.

13. Exploding Sidewalk Chalk via Growing a Jeweled Rose
Here’s another fun variation on the regular sidewalk chalk. This one looks like so much fun! (And it’s sure to entertain.)

14. Melting Ice with Salt and Color via Artful Parent
This is a great educational science activity, plus it creates a beautiful result! This looks like it could potentially get messy, so I think it would be a great outdoor activity on a day when it’s not too terribly hot.

15. Squirt Gun Science via No Time for Flash Cards
Utilizing the reaction between baking soda and vinegar, this makes for a fun and colorful activity for kids! Just be sure you have protective eyewear.

16. Mentos Soda Rocket via Keeping It Simple
This is a classic one I remember doing as a kid. So much fun to see how high the soda will erupt!

17. Threading Leaves via A Little Learning for Two
What a simple and relaxing afternoon activity that gets the whole family out in the beautiful weather to enjoy nature together. And it’s pretty much free!

18. Build a Volcano via Kids Activities Blog
You can easily build a dirt mound volcano right in your backyard. With adult supervision, the kids will be super impressed when it erupts.

19. Fabric Clothesline for Kids via Meri Cherry
What small child doesn’t love running through clothes hanging up in a department store? Recreate that experience with an invitation to run through fabric outside!

20. Make and Play with Story Stones via Paint on the Ceiling
These story stones are so cute! And they will provide continuous fun after they are made.

21. Backyard Picnic via My Kids Adventures
Picnics are always a great go-to option, and it’s great quality family time!

22. Rainbow Bubble Snakes via Housing a Forest
If you have little ones who love all things bubbles, these are sure to please. This isn’t just one bubble…it’s an entire SNAKE of bubbles! Super FUN.

23. Make Homemade Bouncy Balls via Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
Make these bouncy balls using basic ingredients at home, and then take them outside for some fun bounce time.

24. Flower Painting via Nurture Store
Have your child pick out his/her favorite flower in your backyard, and then do a little flower painting! Such a unique idea.

25. DIY Homemade Wind Chimes via Hands On As We Grow
Guide kids in making their own handmade wind chimes! These look like so much fun and it’s a perfect outdoor activity.

26. Outdoor Water Painting via Tinker Lab
Let your kid get creative by painting with water on the outside sidewalk, tiles, deck, and other surfaces. The best part? NO MESS.

27. Paper Plate Frisbees via Crafts by Amanda
Another great craft activity that provides ongoing hours of fun after the finished product is made. Kids can get as creative as they want.

28. Catch the Comet Game via Crayola
This looks like a fun DIY game, and it’s easy to make for almost no cost at all. Just save an old milk jug!

29. Turn Your Deck Into a Board Game via Design Dazzle
Oh my goodness does this ever look COOL?! Wow — what an awesome idea!

30. Make Giant Bubbles via Busy Kids Happy Mom
I’m not sure which is better — this one or the bubble snake! Both are super cool for any bubble-loving kid. And this giant bubble recipe is so easy to make!

31. Toddler Color Hop via Learn Play Imagine
For the younger kids, this is a great color recognition activity that is also entertaining.

32. Edible Water Beads via Growing a Jeweled Rose
Kids love water beads, and this recipe is great because it’s completely safe to eat if younger kids try to go for the mouth. This is a great activity to take outside to avoid messes inside the house.

33. Make an Outdoor Tent via Kids Activities Blog
Here’s another great tent idea made from PVC pipe and sheets! So simple yet provides hours of fun.

34. Make a Pool Noodle Race Track via Ramblings from Utopia
This is an awesome way to use an old pool noodle, and kids will love it! Turn it into a race track for toy cars.

35. Outdoor Tic Tac Toe via Chicken Scratch NY
How creative and cute! Love this.

36. DIY Water Wall via Things to Share & Remember
This is such a cool idea, and it’s sure to entertain kids for a long while.

37. Ice Block Treasure Hunt via Macaroni Kid
Freeze some of your children’s favorite toys inside ice, and let them have fun hunting for them!

38. Balloon Dart Board via She Knows
So easy to make. Such a fun game!

39. Bean Bag Ladder Toss via Landeelu
Just set up your point targets on the rungs of a ladder and let the kids have their own game of bean bag toss.

40. DIY Slip ‘n Slide via Digital Misery
Save some money on a traditional slip ‘n slide and make it yourself with this easy tutorial!

41. DIY Sandbox via Stuff Parents Need
If you don’t have the money to build an official backyard sandbox, this is an awesome alternative for under $25!

42. Art on the Lawn via She Calls Me Mama Leisha
Spread out a sheet and let kids create their own art using paints!

43. Outdoor Play Boat from a Cardboard Box via Meri Cherry
Imagination takes the helm with this simple cardboard boat that provides hours of play!

44. Make Star Wars Lightsabers from Pool Noodles via Laughing Squid
This is a great idea! Kids can make their own lightsabers and go out back for some Star Wars style yard fighting. (Bonus: it’s “safe”…for the most part, anyway.)

45. Play Outdoor I Spy via Kids Activities Blog
This is a fun outdoor educational activity that requires no materials at all! And you can change up the theme or difficulty level any time you want.

46. Make Homemade Bird Feeders via National Audubon
Let kids help out with making bird feeders for your yard. Create a mini bird paradise. It’s so much fun watching birds come to the feeder each day!

47. DIY Hula Hoops via Six Sisters’ Stuff
Help your kids make their own hula hoops to play with outside!

48. Go on a Bug Hunt via No Time for Flash Cards
How fun and educational! Let your kids find and count bugs.

49. Chalk Dress-Up Dolls via The Iowa Farmer’s Wife
What a fun idea for little girls who love playing dress-up or love playing with dolls. It’s sort of a combo!

50. Frying an Egg Experiment via Growing a Jeweled Rose
This is always a simple and easy outdoor science experiment! The ultimate life question: is it hot enough outside to fry an egg on the sidewalk? 😉

What about you? What does your family do for fun? Do you have any tried and true outdoor kids activities that are sure to be a hit? Let’s hear in the comments!