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Coupon Etiquette Tip #3: Don’t Steal Newspapers or Inserts

I have included this rule in my coupon etiquette series because it is technically an unspoken rule of couponing. It’s unspoken because it shouldn’t have to be said!

Don’t Steal Newspapers or Coupon Inserts

I have seen several versions of coupon theft, including:

Taking something without paying for it is called stealing. It doesn’t matter what the value is or how you try to justify it. If you take newspapers (or the coupons in them) without paying for them, you are stealing.

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I realize that this rule may seem obvious to some people, but please keep in mind that it may not be so obvious to beginners, especially with the distorted view of couponing that is portrayed on television. I believe this is rule is worth sharing even if most people will ignore it.

:: Coming up next up in the coupon etiquette series: “Be Organized.”