June 22, 2018

Coupons Won’t Print?

Jul 21, 2009

why won't coupons print

Are you having trouble printing coupons?  Do you get a “please wait” message and then nothing happens?  Or do you get asked to install the coupon printer over and over again?  Follow the steps below to avoid having these problems again!

If you are printing a Bricks coupon (url starts with “http://bricks.coupons.com/….”) you can change a few letters in the url depending on the browser you are using to make the coupon print.

Here is a Bricks coupon example:


The vi in the url is the part you will change to make the coupon print for you.  Based on the browser you are using, these are the letters you should put in that spot:

Internet Explorer: vi or wi
Firefox: vg or wg
Safari: xs

Just change those key letters and you should be ready to print!

Thanks so much to Rachel at Surviving the Stores for leading me to this solution!


  1. Thank you so much for the information. I have been having trouble with this since Sunday and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I knew I hadn’t printed the coupons previously so I was completely frustrated. Thanks again!! 🙂

    • I have tried all your tricks but the coupons will not print after installing the printer. Do you have any other ideas?

      • I was having the same issues. I was trying to print the coupons and nothing would happen. It just kept asking me to install the printer. I tried switching from google chrome to internet explorer and it worked. Maybe that is your problem as well.

  2. I’m having trouble with printing on the “Eversave” site. The coupons won’t print because “Java is not installed” or not accessible … but when I go through the site’s methods of enabling Java, it IS already enabled. I use a Mac, and I have the same problem whether I use Firefox or Safari.

    Any suggestions??

  3. Holy cow!! It worked! THANK YOU!!!

  4. Thank you, thank you!! I was just able to print some great coupons that I would have missed out on!

  5. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work for me on coupons I’ve never printed. Any suggestions???

  6. It did not work for me. I cannot change any letters in the url, what do I do now? It keeps asking me to install over and over again. I have Vista, explorer.

  7. I have tried the Kelloggs link for $1 off. When it goes to coupon.com, the Kelloggs coupon is not there. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Freebie Friday 7/31 =-.

  8. This has been driving me CRAZY! not to mention all the great coupons I’ve missed out on. Thanks for the tips; you’re a lifesaver…well, a money saver at the least.

  9. thank you sooo much! wish i would of learned this sooner. you’re awesome!

  10. Once again, I went to print a coupon and it said to “install the coupon printer”.

    Once again, I thought “I already have the coupon printer installed!?!”

    Foiled again? No! I rememebered this link that I had saved….a simple switch of a couple of letters in the url and…voila! My coupons printed.


  11. Does this trick work if you cannot install the coupon printer to the computer that you are using?

  12. Christine,

    You do need to have the coupon printer installed for this to work.

  13. What a brilliant piece of information!
    It’s amazing what a little change can do.
    Thanks a million!

  14. Brilliant! Thanks so much!

  15. Thank-you so much! This worked for me and has put an end to my frustrating problem.

  16. I tried it and it still is not working. Tried it on several different ones that were not working for me. Any other suggestions?

  17. I have windows Xp and have installed the coupon printer MANY time and it always tells me to reinstall. I don’t know where I’m supposed to change the letters in the URL. Can you provide me with a before URL and an After URL? I have spent many hours just trying to print off some diaper coupons.

  18. MiQuel McRae says:

    Question: Will stores accept printed coupons in black/white ink? I have been told by several people that you actually have to print them in color. Is this true?

  19. HELP! I am trying to print Target coupons and my screen always says, “We’re unable to support coupon printing on your system at this time. The Coupon Print Activator is supported on Windows Operating Systems 2000, ME, XP, Vista and Windows 7 when used with Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x and 8.x, Firefox 2.x and 3.x, Google Chrome 3.x and Apple Safari 4.x and on Apple Mac OS X and above when used with Safari 2.x and 3.x or Firefox 2.x and 3.x browsers.” What do I do???

  20. Help!! I have been trying to print Target coupons and I have even upgraded internet explorer to 8. After installing coupn activator it states that it was installed and coupons will print and nothing happens. Have windows xp.

    • @Misty, I’m sorry I don’t know how to help with Target coupons. 🙁

      Some things you can try:

      1. Restart your computer and printer.
      2. Use a different browser (if you use internet explorer, try firefox)
      3. Contact Target customer support.

    • @Misty,
      Were you able to print those coupons off of Target.com? I have the same problem and want to know what I can do.

    • @Misty,
      the same thing happend to me…nd aftr an hour I exited the internet and went back to target.com and tried again..this time my computer signaled for me that there was a program wanting to run i acceptd it…idk if this helped much

  21. The url http://print.coupons.com/Couponweb/Print.aspx?pid=13306&nid=10&zid=iq37 does not print coupons. Any help will be appreciated.
    I down loaded printer software several times with no luck.



  22. i tried changing the 2 letter in the url for the website coupons.com and it doesnt fix my problem. It repeatedly asks me to install the coupon printer. Do you have any other suggestions?

    • @Melissa, I don’t think this trick works for coupons.com, only for bricks coupons. A lot of people experience the problem you’re having and I usually suggest emailing customer service at coupons.com.

  23. I can’t get smartsource to print, I updated my java and it worked for a while then it just quit, not sure what to do.

  24. I can NOT get any of the coupons on this site to print! I always get a message saying that its processing, then the page jumps back to the main page. I also tried switching the Java settings, but that didn’t work either.

    Any clues?

  25. I cannot open any links to coupons.com or the site itself(coupons.com)
    any ideas? i’ve tried from different coupon sites and I can’t get in. help

    • I had the same problem, and here the solution that worked. I have Kaspersky protection on my computer. I had to go to applications and turn off anti-banner setting. Problem solved!

      • Jackie…..you are a life saver !! I have Kaspersky too and I figured it was a setting in there that wouldn’t let me print or even view the websites…..Thanks a ton !!!!!!!!

      • How do you get to Applications to turn off the anti-banner setting?

  26. I too became frustrated trying to print coupons after installing the coupon activator many times. I have found a simple solution. Use firefox as your browser instead of internet explorer. Once on firefox, i had absolutely no problems. Hope this works for all.

  27. MuddyPuppy says:

    I have tried a bunch of times to install the coupon printer, and it seems to all go through just fine but then when I click to print coupons it just keeps bringing me back to the coupon printer setup screen? What am I doing wrong?

  28. I made sure I download coupon printer on add/ remove programs. But when I print coupons but nothing happens, My printer works. Please help me.

  29. I have tried printing coupons from coupons.com for hours now and it just keeps trying to make me install the software over and over again. What can I do to get these coupons?

  30. Okay…so I tried putting in the different letters for the coupon installer, but the screen still shows up blank for all of them. What could be going on?

  31. Help, I keep getting a message saying “you have already printed the number of coupons allowed” Only I haven’t printed one coupon yet. What is wrong? This has happened to me with three different coupons now. Thanks for any tips you can give me. I love reading here… hugs!

  32. I have no problems with coupons.com but anything from the bricks one isnt’ working for me. Have been triple checking the two letters but no love.

    Do they hate me because my MacBook? lol

  33. I can’t even get any coupons to show up to even be able to print?

  34. I can’t even get the website to open. I have tried changing settings, and the web address , but still no luck

  35. I had been having problems installing the Target coupon printer on Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7. It kept telling me my cookies weren’t allowing it, but I could never get my cookies to change and allow it to install. So after reading this blog, I installed Firefox and can
    now print Target coupons! Hope this helps someone else.

  36. I just got a new mac a couple of months ago. I’ve installed the printer and am able to print from coupons.com if I’m using safari browser, but when I go to different coupon databases and there are great coupons such as from campbells, pillsbury, kelloggs etc…products that I use regularly it WILL not print. I’ve even looked and the correct letters are showing for my browser and it still doesn’t print. Should I try another browser? I have google chrome as well, but when doing my coupon searches I find that I have better luck using safari

  37. I have IE-9 and have been printing coupons from coupons.com with no problem until today. Now it keeps telling me I have to install the coupon printer which is already installed. I uninstalled it and re-installed it and it still tells me to install it. I e-mailed coupons.com but haven’t heard back. Can someone Please help?

  38. I have been having trouble printing from Smartsource. I can print from every other site, but for some reason, Smartsource prints really fast and light, like I am almost out of ink. (Which I am not.) Anyone else have this problem?

    Love the site, by the way.


  39. What about Google Chrome?

  40. I am having a hard time with Google Chrome too.

  41. What about the problem with printing from the Target website using IE9. I used to be able to print them on my IE9 for months and then all of the sudden 2 months ago I can’t print anything. I keep getting the error
    Unfortunately, you’re trying to print to a device that is not valid for printing coupons. If you have a multi-function printer (fax, copy, print), please make sure that “Printer” is set as the default function on your computer.

    Your current default printer is: KODAK ESP C315 AiO XPS

    If you have multiple printers connected to your computer, often as part of a network, you may want to check your default printer setting. To check or change your default printer on Windows, go to the Control Panel >Printers and Faxes. And for Mac, go to System Preferences >Print & Fax.

    Try Again button after you’ve selected a new printer and make sure you have paper.

    Funny that I don’t have a problem printing from the major websites like bricks,smart source or coupons.com. Target says they do not support IE9 but I don’t have a choice to use with windows 7. Not to mention I could just print them 2 months ago.

    Help anyone…help?

    • Having the exact same problem with the exact same printer, tried every browser and I still cant get it to print target coupons, but can print every other coupon =(

      ~~~Unfortunately, you’re trying to print to a device that is not valid for printing coupons. If you have a multi-function printer (fax, copy, print), please make sure that “Printer” is set as the default function on your computer.

      Your current default printer is: KODAK ESP C315 AiO XPS

      If you have multiple printers connected to your computer, often as part of a network, you may want to check your default printer setting. To check or change your default printer on Windows, go to the Control Panel >Printers and Faxes. And for Mac, go to System Preferences >Print & Fax.

      Try Again button after you’ve selected a new printer and make sure you have paper.~~

  42. I am having so much trouble this computer isn’t compatible with the couponprinter.exe file. This computer is hp which isn’t one of the systems it can be installed on (I’m referring to our home computer) . I have a netbook as well for just me which is compatible and has the couponprinter.exe file installed on it but because it is a netbook it doesn’t have a CD-Rom drive which means I can’t install the printer to it. So I’ve been trying to see if there is anyway possible to get another conversion file or something I could add to the main computer to get the file to work.

  43. I have been searching for a soultion to print those coupons that I would love to scream at right now. I have tried the suggestions with the url and making sure my printer is default and that it is not shared. Still it will not work.. must be something on my computer from working, like blocking it.. I have chected though and even though I get the toolbars (which I hate) I still don’t get any coupons out to print… How can I do this?
    Blessings to all..

  44. Esteban Searfoss says:

    I have tried to install the Coupon.com “coupon printer” several times and it does not work! I have 30 years experience in computers so I doubt the problem is on my end.

    I find it hard to believe that advertisers would spend money to work with a company such as Coupon.com which gives it customer’s such a frustrating experience. End result is that the coupons are offered but not actually given to the customer.

  45. My mom was having the issue with Java. It was installed and enabled on her browser, but she kept getting a message saying Java wasn’t installed and her coupons would not print. I disabled her pop-up blocker (she uses Firefox go to tools -> options -> content -> uncheck the popup blocker box) and this allowed her coupons to print. When you are doing the above, make sure the boxes beside enable Java and enable Java script are checked.

    So far she is able to print. I would suggest leaving the popup blocker on until you want to print coupons. It’s a pain in the behind to turn off and on just for coupon printing, but popups can cause problems of their own.

  46. Ever since Catolina has taken over the Target website coupon page, I have been unable to print any coupons. It is so frustrating. I prefer Internet Explorer 8, but I also tried 9 and 10, and with each one, it tells me Explorer is not responding, and shuts down my page. I have uninstalled the Catolina software, and reinstalled it. My best friend can print the coupons, and my sister cannot. I even had a Target manager try, and he got the same Explorer closing as I did. Does anyone have any suggestions. I have missed so many amazing coupons. I am so darn frustrated.

  47. I have Windows 7

  48. None of this has worked for me!!!!! I have tried printing from IE and chrome. Either way it always goes through the motions and says that they have been printed. My printer is on and works just fine. Also every time I try to print it is sent to the print queue as I later see them there and have to clear them before using the printer for anything else.

    • Tony (if you get back here) – I found that the combination of Chrome (version 40.0.2214.93 m) and Coupon.com’s couponprinterservice.exe (version causes a problem in my print queue as well. I suspect that everyone here that tried to print a coupon where the coupon printing software says that the coupon has been successfully printed, but it actually hasn’t, has also had the coupon print job stuck in their print queue. I found that if I send any other sort of print job to the printer (for example a blank page sent from WordPad) it forces the stuck coupon print job to print! This situation did not occur before with the previous version of couponprinterservice.exe. While this strange incompatibility is going on I found that switching to Internet Explorer while printing coupons solves the problem (although I’d much rather just stay with Chrome).

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