May 23, 2018

CVS: Goodbye Green Bag Tag (Plus $2 ECBs)

Apr 30, 2013

CVS Green Bag Tag

CVS has announced that they are ending their Green Bag Tag Program. If you’re a frequent shopper at CVS, you know that this is sad news. I’ve always loved that extra $1 ECB every 4th visit.

As a little parting gift, they are offering current Green Bag Tag customers $2 ECBs. Be sure to use your tag one last time at the register, and you should receive $2 ECBs on your receipt!

Did you receive your good-bye gift of $2 ECBs?

Thanks for the info, For The Mommas!


  1. I went shopping at CVS yesterday, and was surprised to see on my receipt about the ending of their green bag tag program. And I got the $2 ECB parting gift.

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