June 25, 2018

Daily Frugal Tip: Make Bread At Home

May 10, 2012

One of the simplest ways to save money (especially if you love bread as much as I do) is to home-make your bread rather than buying it at the store. A loaf of bread from the bakery at the grocery store costs at least $2. If you buy all the necessary staples to make bread at home, you can make never-ending loaves of bread for probably less than 50¢ or 25¢ each. (And most of the ingredients you probably already have on hand!)

If you’re worried about it taking too much time, a bread machine is your best friend. You literally throw the ingredients in the machine and let it do its thing. A few hours later, you have a beautiful and delicious loaf of bread that feeds the entire family.

Yes – bread machines can be expensive. You can often find them at thrift stores and garage sales, though! I’ve bought a couple different bread machines over the years, and they have never cost me more than $10 each.

Do you make bread at home? Do you enjoy it and find that it is much cheaper?

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  1. I make bread at home every other week. Here’s a breakdown of the cost of 2 loaves:

    There are 20c of flour in a 5 lb bag, which typically costs $3 for King Arthur Unbleached flour, 6c: $.0.90
    A 3 pack of yeast is on sale at 1.50 or so, 2 packets: $1
    .33 c sugar: $.08
    1.5 tsp salt $0.06
    Add in cost of gas for the stove for 35 minutes at 350F $0.05

    Total cost for 2 loaves: $2.09 or about $1.09/loaf.

    The good: you know what’s in your bread.
    The bad: you eat the bread faster than normal, and end up giving it to your neighbors, etc.

    When you factor in the 3 hours of your time, and that you can get mass-produced loaves of bread for $1 on a good sale, it’s not really a savings. If you compare it to bakery or artisan bread, it’s a huge savings.

  2. Tennille P. says:

    I got a Breadmaker at a church yard sale on Saturday for 10.00. I have made 3 loaves of bread this week and we absolutely LOVE it.

  3. i make bread all the time!!

  4. I absolutely love my breadmaker!! I buy yeast by the pound bag from king Arthur which cuts the cost, and you can wait for a sale or free shipping promotion and buy the pound size then. I enjoy the different flavors and textures of my homemade bread. I LOVE that I can add my home grown herbs to it or some Cheddar cheese or raisins and cinnamon. I highly recommend it.

  5. Teresa Powell says:

    Does anyone have the recipe? I don’t have a bread maker. Thanks

  6. Teresa, go to the King Arthur website(You can google it). They have many good recipes for beginners and experienced bakers. Also you can sign up for their e news letter which includes fabulous recipes.HTH

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