April 22, 2018

Daily Frugal Tip: Reuse Newspaper Plastic Bags

Mar 6, 2012

For those of you who receive a newspaper on a daily or weekly basis, save the plastic bag that the newspaper is delivered in. Store the plastic bags in your purse or diaper bag, and you’ll have it in case of an emergency. When there is no trash can around, you can use the plastic bag to store dirty diapers or newborn dirty clothing. You could also use it when taking your dog on a walk to clean up after your pet.

Thanks for the tip, Roxanna!

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  1. Claude Bouchard via Facebook says:

    I use mine as poop bags when I walk the dog.

    • Donna Mollaun says:

      Me too. 3 dogs. Lots of cleanup. Newspaper bags have fewer “poke throughs” than grocery bags.

  2. My husband saves them to slip over paint rollers when he is done painting to pull them off with no messy hands.

  3. May Kraft says:

    My newspaper person as to pay for the bags them self. I just leave a bag of them by the area my paper is dropped. They will be very happy to pick them up.

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