June 21, 2018

Daily Frugal Tip: Take Advantage of Freebies

Mar 31, 2012

Many people underestimate the advantages of free samples. It’s easy to think, “What’s the big deal? It’s a tiny sample of a product!” I encourage you to get creative with your freebies, and start signing up for them more often.

Free samples have many different uses! I like to use them as guest bathroom goodies, traveling toiletries, small care packages for friends, and even small additions to gift baskets for bridal and baby showers!

Here’s what reader Renee said about free samples:

“I sign up for all kind of freebies for shampoo, lotion and toothpaste. When we go on vacation or camping these sample sizes are perfect to take along and take up hardly any space. And the best part… They are all free, free, free!”

Believe it or not – you’d be surprised how quickly those little travel-size toiletries add up if you buy them impulsively at the store right before taking a trip. It’s really nice to already have them on hand!

Do you often take advantage of freebies?

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  1. I dont know where to sign up for freebies 🙁

  2. Was going to but was informed by McAfee the site has too many risks

  3. Crystal Johnson Farley via Facebook says:

    I use sweetfreestuff. There are new samples added daily. You just have to use a little common sense when signing up for stuff. I get free subscriptions to car magazines for the hubby all the time!

  4. Linda Matthews via Facebook says:

    Its true you have to be careful, but I have always found such awesome sample deals on here and never had any issues yet redarding my computer or hacking.

  5. Stephanie Brooks-Phillips via Facebook says:

    I go thru allyou.com. I get daily emails telling me of free samples that I can sign up for. Some things I do, some I dont; but its a trusted site (I subscribe to their mag), and I like having it delivered to me, and not having too hunt it down.

    • Donna Mollaun says:

      Hmm! I didn’t know that allyou.com did that. I just bought a 6 mo. sub to the mag. I’ve had no problems with P&G products & other name brands, and McAfee has sent no warnings so far.

  6. Donna Mollaun says:

    Those are all good ideas, Stephanie. I was planning to use them on vacas because the airlines are getting so tough about luggage weight and size. I like to try new “stuff” right away too. I had never thought about gift baskets.

  7. I’ve signed up for free samples and you may get some coupons with the sample as well. I’ve not had Norton warn me about this but if they did I would back out of that particular sample request. It may just be certain ones. Kroger and target sites both have sample offerings. In those cases you can log in directly to their web site. Anyone else know of any other red flags to look for when deciding to send. For a particular sample?

  8. Susan – There’s a link in the post for all the freebies we post. Just sign up for them as they become available. Yes. You do have to be careful with some offers, but we always try our best to only post legitimate offers that won’t be a risk in any way. I do recommend having a separate e-mail account for freebie sign-ups, so that your personal e-mail account doesn’t get flooded with e-mails.

  9. Thank you 🙂

  10. Well thanks all and Couponing 101 for all the tips and great ideas! 🙂

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