April 22, 2018

Daily Frugal Tip: Try Haircuts At Home

Apr 7, 2012

One way to save money is to try doing haircuts at home. This can be easier than you think, especially for little boys and girls. If you have an electric hair clippers set, it’s super easy to do men’s and boy’s shorter haircuts. Trimming bangs and split ends is very simple on girls and women.

If you really want to get serious about it, there are tons of tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube for various types of haircuts. Just Google the haircut you’re looking for, and you can probably find a great tutorial on it!

Shwin & Shwin has some great tutorials on their website: Girls Cuts, Boys Cuts, and Women’s Hair Coloring Tips.

Of course this is not for everybody. We all have different areas of our lives that we are willing to spend more or less money on. This is a great frugal tip for those of you who are wanting to save money on haircuts, though.

Have you ever tried doing haircuts at home? Or do you prefer paying a pretty penny to have your hair done professionally and not take the risk? 😉

Thanks, Shwin & Shwin!

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  1. stacie houston says:

    I did start cutting my hubby’s hair recently and it is super easy but he’s also a guy who likes a simple haircut 🙂 I got my clippers set from Costco and within a month, I had already made back my money 😉 I still do pay but I found a place that is very affordable!

  2. Tracy Thackery via Facebook says:

    That would be what my (at the time) 15.00 investment for hair clippers was for, DH and DS, both had the ‘buzz’ ………. Doesn’t take much ‘courage’ for those with the guards ;o)

  3. Jennie 'Sell' Minett via Facebook says:

    family of 4 & we never pay for haircuts. It’s nice cuz now the daughter is old enuff to cut mine!

  4. Courtney Hughes via Facebook says:

    I went to beauty school so the only one that ever has to pay for a haircut is me lol

  5. I get my husband to trim mine when it’s long. He doesn’t enjoy it, but he’ll do anything to save money. 🙂 I try to do his but I’m not very good at it. Anyone know of a tutorial for military cuts?

  6. I absolutely cut my family’s hair!

  7. We have an electric clipper set so I cut my husband and son’s hair (and will cut the baby boy’s hair, too, when he’s old enough!) but I haven’t been brave enough to cut my daughter’s yet….

  8. Jill Richards Dusza via Facebook says:

    After a bad first attempt at cutting my hubby’s hair, he won’t let me touch his head again. It was so bad that my FIL offered to pay for my husband to get his haircut. Oops. 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for this post – I’m going to try it! 🙂

  10. Somebody needs a new comb. LOL
    I cut my hubby’s hair and 3 of my daughters’ hair (I can’t cut super thick hair well, so that’s leaves 2 daughters out). My oldest daughter cuts the boys’ hair. Saves us a ton of money.

  11. Please don’t do this

  12. I usually do it at home,often I do the bang haircut by myself,I don’t think it deserves to go the barbershop,sometimes their skill is not good at all.

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