April 22, 2018

Ebates: Free $10 Gift Card Sign-Up Bonus!

Aug 11, 2011

Ebates is currently offering a Free $10 gift card for new sign ups! To get your gift card, you must join Ebates for free, and then make a $25 purchase (within 90 days of signing up) through Ebates.

You get to choose between the following gift cards: Barnes & Noble, Target, Home Depot, and Magazines.com. Remember, this $10 gift card is in addition toany cash back you earn.

Ebates gives you a percentage of your purchase in cash back when you shop through their links. For instance, if you want to shop on Target.com, instead of just typing target.com into your browser, make a quick detour and go to Ebatesfirst. Then you’ll earn a percentage in cash back on any purchase you make!

Once you’ve earned $5.01 or more in cash back, Ebates will send you a big fat check (they mail checks quarterly)!

You can earn cash back by shopping online at some of your favorite stores like Kohls, Groupon, Walmart, Land’s End, and over 1,200 more! Best of all, this cash back program is completely FREE to join!

Sign up with Ebates today to earn your FREE $10 Gift Card!


  1. Tricia DeSimone-Adanosky says:

    very cool! Ican’t wait to start using this site