April 22, 2018

FREE Egg Beaters Coupon

Jan 13, 2011

*Update – The coupon is NOW available!

Walmart will have a FREE Egg Beaters Coupon available on their site starting tomorrow (1/14) at 8 am. However, the site might reset at 11 pm CST TONIGHT (1/13), so you might want to go ahead and check then, just in case. There will only be 50,000 coupons available, so you’ll need to act quickly!

The Free Egg Beaters coupon will be in place of the current $1/1 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers Coupon. Once the 50,000 Egg Beaters coupons are gone, it will switch back to the Healthy Choice coupon.

Thanks, Passion for Savings!


  1. Robyn in ATX says:

    Has anyone checked for the coupon yet? I just did, and no luck. Just curious. Thanks!

    • @Robyn in ATX,
      Hey Robyn I just tried to do like the website said click on healthy choice coupon and all I got was healthy choice fresh mixers coupon. Not sure if they are out of egg beaters (free coupon) or if they just lied. I hate these dinners so I wasted ink on it!! UGHHH. Anyway, just thought I’d let ya know. If you like these dinners. send address and I will stick in envelope to mail it to you so it won’t be wasted by throwing away. Thanks


  2. I tried this 1 also, no luck. It is asking for a Customer Id & password.

  3. no luck, it’s 8 am est already. but no coupon

  4. Robyn in ATX says:

    Mine still says:

    “You were redirected to this screen because the product you tried to access is in test mode. To access a test project, you must first enter your customer id and password.

    After you login, you will be redirected back to your product landing page.

    You wll not see this screen once the item has been activated.”

    Hmm, this is frustrating….

  5. mine still shows the healthy choice coupon and it’s 8:50 EST

    • Robyn in ATX says:

      @lauren, when you click the link from this page for the coupon, go to the top right bar where it says “free samples & coupons”. Click that link and then click on the “Egg Beaters”. I don’t think the coupon has really been posted yet, though. I still can’t get pass the “login” page.

    • @lauren,
      Me too Lauren. I even followed directions to click print on healthy choice dinner and all I got was coupon for healthy choice dinner. They either lied or something. Will not be subscribing to this anymore. I also checked at 8 AM , 9 AM 10 AM and now 10:51 AM EST. Hope it works out for you. Good luck


  6. Same problem here. Asking for ID and password. Bummer!

  7. Same as many others – asking for a username and password and my login info for StartSampling is not working for it. Maybe this is a by invitation only promo?

  8. Same here…no luck!!!
    I’m going to keep trying for sure.

  9. Hey guys, sorry for all the confusion! Walmart was having some technical difficulties apparently! The link has been updated and the coupon is NOW available!

  10. Was able to get to the site for the ‘coupon’ – but it wants me to fill out information and register for a free sample.

  11. I think the coupon is going to be a BOGO sent snail mail. The first page said “FREE w/ purchase”. Happy for the delay though – I thought PST had missed out.

  12. I have never understood why everyone gets so frustrated with FREEbies. They are not obligated to give you FREE items and most likely the site is overwhelmed with other people who would like the FREE coupon. It is most definitely not Stephanie’s fault that the coupon isn’t working as she is simply the messenger. You would not even know about the coupon if not for her. If it frustrates you that much then pull out $3 and go pay for the egg beaters. Thank you Stephanie for pointing out this great FREEbie.

  13. Robyn in ATX says:

    http://instoresnow.walmart.com/enhancedrendercontent_ektid94572.aspx, Here is the correct link. It looks like it might be a rebate of some sort, nothing to print. But, it is working now!

  14. Just went to it today & it is all out of this coupon! Oh well!

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