August 16, 2018

Kraft First Taste

May 7, 2009


Kraft First Taste is another program that offers free products and coupons.  I have been a member for a few months now, and I estimate that I get a free product offer about once a month.  Just the other day I received my email newsletter telling me about new Digiorno Flatbread Melts.  So, I logged in to see if there was an offer waiting for me.  There was!  They are going to mail me a coupon to try the new Flatbread Melts for free, plus I got to share the offer with 10 friends via email!

Other offers I’ve received are Free Jello Singles, Oreo Mini Cakesters, and Oscar Mayer Deli Creations!  The offers have either come as a free product or a free coupon in the mail.  Once you try the products, you log in and answer a quick survey about it.  That’s it!  There is nothing else you have to do!

It is free to join!  You’ll be among the first to try new products from Kraft, and you’ll get to share your feedback!  Fun!  Sign up HERE.


  1. Julie LaBounty says:

    I would like to become a member of Kraft First Taste. I have read good things about it and would like to be a part of it. Thank You

  2. I just signed up. This sounds like an awesome program and great value on the coupons offered.

  3. Alejandra says:

    thank you !

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