June 20, 2018

Moolala: 100 Mini Business Cards for $5 Shipped ($20 Value)

Jan 29, 2013

Moolala is running a great deal today: 100 FREE Mini Business Cards from Moo.com! These are great for moms, bloggers, business owners, and more. These MiniCards also make great gift tags or place holders, so think ahead for ways you could use this freebie offer.

Each card is customizable by uploading your own image or browsing their image library. The best part is that you can choose one image to use on all 100 cards OR you can choose a different image for every single card for more of an eclectic feel! Every card is in full color.

I think the option for multiple images is REALLY cool. You could display all your products as an Etsy store owner, show off your photography work on the backs of business cards as a photographer, and more. So many neat ways to use this to your advantage!

Shipping will be a flat $5 or $5.50, depending on your location. This is still a great deal for high-quality, full-color business cards!

Click here to sign up with Moolala.com and get your voucher for 100 FREE MiniCards.

The FREE voucher is only available to purchase today (1/29/13). Once you have your voucher, you have through 2/28/13 to redeem it for your MiniCards. Limit 1 voucher per person.

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