May 27, 2018

RecycleBank: Earn 65 New Points!

Feb 16, 2012

RecycleBank has a new opportunity to Earn 65 Points! Here’s how:

  1. Sign up with RecycleBank
  2. Click on “Earn Points” at the top.
  3. Take the Pantene Nature Fusion Quiz on for 10 Points.
  4. Make the Pantene Nature Fusion Facebook Pledge for 10 Points.
  5. Take the Pantene Nature Fusion Interactive Quiz for 20 Points.
  6. Take this Pantene Nature Fusion Interactive Quiz for 25 Points.
  7. Click on the “Get my points” button to get 65 points.

You can redeem your points for a number of great rewards including a 20% Off a Purchase at Printable Coupon, B1G1 Free Dasani Bottled Water Printable Coupon, and More!

Not familiar with RecycleBank?

RecycleBank is a curbside pickup recycling program that lets you earn points for recycling.  The points can be redeemed for a variety of great items.  Even though the pickup program is only available in a few areas, anyone can sign up online (for free)!


  1. Donna Mollaun says:

    This is confusing. I signed up, but I have to keep signing up on other sites too. Am I doing something wrong?

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