May 27, 2018

Sonic: Half-Price Shakes After 8 pm!

May 8, 2012

Sonic is offering shakes for half price every day after 8 pm, all summer long! What a great way to have an outing with the family without blowing the budget!

Don’t forget about the limited-time Starbucks Frappucino Happy Hour as well.

Thanks, Passion For Savings!


  1. wish we had a sonic closer even though i stay away from these sweet treats now but for my fam yum!

  2. Joell Bryant via Facebook says:

    Yeah, like I need an excuse to go get a milkshake, LOL

  3. I hear you, Joell Bryant! 😉

  4. They will charge extra for any shakes other then “flavors”. I am sometimes told they charge extra for “candy” like an oreo shake… so dumb.

  5. Ron Gallman says:

    When did the 1/2 price shakes after 8:00 stop?

    • I’m not sure. It was a Summer-only deal.

    • It stopped September 30th. Wish they would bring it back. $5.50 for a milkshake is a little too steep for me. Not to mention…if you ask for enough whipped topping to actually cover the top of the milkshake (as shown on their menu board) there is an additional charge of 50 cents. It appears on the receipt as ‘Large Whipped Cream’. Listen up Sonic…. Why not just show a picture of a milkshake with just enough whipped cream to keep the cherry centered?

  6. Cool

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