June 22, 2018

Sports Authority “The League”: $5 Sign-Up Reward

Dec 11, 2012

Sports Authority has a rewards program, The League, where you can earn 1 point for every $1 spent! If you accumulate 100 points or more during the quarter, you’ll earn 5% back on your total point balance. Rewards are sent out quarterly.

Plus, between now and December 15, you can earn double points on your entire purchase of fitness equipment!

Signing up for The League is free and easy plus, after you join, you will be emailed a $5 Welcome Reward! It can take a couple of days before you receive your email.

This post is sponsored by Sports Authority.


  1. Floyd H Jayson says:

    I have a $10 .00 coupon from Ms Marjorie at your ft Lauderdale store and do not know how and where to cash it in , it says to enter code 10 11 2013. 0348 2 8315. Where is the validation code ? Floyd H Jayson

  2. susan fritz says:

    Is it possible to send me my coupon for signing up today to The League, to my address az I gave no way if printing up the coupon with my tablet. Also, when will I see a credit for todays purchase of the Fitbit?

  3. Just trying to sign in to the league. Not allowed cause I have not used the right credentials? I thought this would be easy? Please help and maybe I can qualify for the $5 reward coupon. Thanks

  4. is it possible to send me my cupon por signing up to the league tu my address i gave no way if printing up the coupon, thanks.

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