May 27, 2018

Starbucks Coupon: Free Tall Hazelnut or Caramel Macchiato Drink

Mar 14, 2013

Hazelnut Macchiato

Update #2: Sorry guys, but after hearing from many of you, I’m pretty sure this offer is not legitimate. We do our very best to only post legitimate offers from reputable sources, but the occasional lemon does get past us. Again, very sorry for the gaffe!

Update: I’m hearing mixed reviews on the legitimacy of this coupon. Several readers have reported that their Starbucks will not accept this coupon. I believed it to be legit because it was posted on, which is a very trustworthy coupon site. Proceed with caution on this deal. It seems that some Starbucks stores are accepting this coupon, while others are not. I recommend calling your store ahead of time to see if they will accept it. 

You can currently print a Starbucks coupon for a FREE tall Hazelnut or Caramel Macchiato drink. Here’s how:

  • Head over here.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the “Shop Now” button underneath “Coupon Codes”
  • Find the Starbucks Coupon and click on “Print Coupon”

Your coupon is valid through the end of the month. I highly recommend printing it NOW, though, because this is a HOT deal that may not last very long.



  1. This coupon doesn’t work unless it has a barcode. I just tried to use it and got turned down. 🙁

  2. My store didn’t take it- said it needed a barcode 🙁

  3. I used this coupon this morning in Burleson, Texas and was told that they were fraudulent coupons. Apparently corporate Starbucks has not given permission to to issue photo copied versions of the original coupons released by Starbuck’s stores. They honored my coupon as a courtesy but stated that they would not be further accepted.

    • Wow! That’s horrible. has always been trustworthy. I can’t believe that. I will definitely update the post!

  4. Heidi Jenkins says:

    I took my coupon with me to Target and the Starbucks inside the store honored the coupon, no questions asked(Memphis,TN)

  5. I was at USC Campus and walked to the local Starbucks where I TRIED TO REDEEM AND THEY TOLD ME THESE COUPONS ARE FRAUD! I had been redeeming them in OC but was told today that on Wednesday there was an email from Starbucks not to accept them? Oh well another too good to be true offer.

  6. I can’t get this to work. I saw the offer for the free drink, but when I click on get coupon, it just takes me to a page that offers $10 of $60 online. Am I doing something wrong?

  7. Michael Jones says:

    Stores in Columbia MO require color, high-quality printed coupon provided somewhere we don’t know, not print from website.

  8. My store did not accept the coupon and took the coupon I printed. They said it will only be accepted in an email (from Starbucks) and it is for one time use. Too good to be true.

  9. They took it on Wednesday, but I went tonight and they wouldn’t let me receive one. I guess the company just changed their mind, but this wasn’t a fraud for sure. My uncle, mother’s friend, and myself included obtained drinks using this coupon.

  10. Starbucks corporate stores aren’t allowed to take it. It says right on the coupon that copies won’t be accepted. My friend works at a target store and says they have different management so they might still take it.

  11. Try to use the printes coupon at a standalone starbucks but they didn’t accept it.

  12. Just tried using this coupon at the Starbucks in our local Target and was told that they don’t accept coupons printed from home – only originally issued coupons. So it did not work.

  13. Mrs Joubert says:

    I print this coupon and took it to the Starbucks store(Txs), they told me it was fraudulent! (I was so ashamed! OMG!) Not a good coupon…..awful.

  14. Coupon worked just fine here in Miami at the starbucks on 57th and 167th.

  15. This coupon was honoured because the it has the Barista’s promo code on it.
    It plainly says “Barista please ring in as discount code 350”.

  16. This coupon is NOT valid unless its the original voucher which was given out in store. Printouts or ones shown on mobile devices will not be accepted.

  17. I used it at several Starbucks and it was accepted – multiple times a day for the past week. However, today, our usual Starbucks store that has been accepting them all week said that we need to print the original coupon, which has a barcode.

  18. We used 3 of them at a stand alone store in WI. with out any trouble on Saturday morning.

  19. someone put up the bar code version of this coupon already!

  20. I work for Starbucks. and the only way you can get this offer is to A) recieve an actuall coupon from a barista INSIDE an actual Starbucks location or B) you recieve an Egift coupon on the internet from Starbucks and has a scanable barcode on it. I have gotten much grief from customers who show up with a picture on their smart phone claiming it’s from Starbucks. Think if you just xeroxed a coupon and went to kroger with the same coupon reprint every day and tried to redeem it. It’s a $4 dollar drink, and the barista needs either the actuall bonafied IN-Store coupon, or the barcode to go along with the free drink at the time the transaction is made.

    • With the upmost respect that is due you, I am going to comment on your comment. Are you accusing EVERY single person that has presented this coupon of fraud? If us, as customers, receive a coupon, are we not supposed to use it? If I were you, as a Starbucks employee, I would tread lightly on slamming us customers/coupon users as being fraudulant. Just my 2 cents.

      My Starbucks did not accept it and said that they were not supposed to accept the printed out coupons. They were very nice about it. I hope you were nice as well!

      • I received an email from Starbucks with a coupon yesterday for the free said drink and it has no barcode on it, only a barista code for a one time use only.I have not tried to use it as of yet and hopefully they will accept it as this is really bad for them. I did use the coupon from and the barista did say that they would honor it this time only because it was a copy……..I only printed one from the site! can only place on the site what the company in question is offering/marketing………

    • munchkin2366 says:

      I worked at Borders for years and HATED coupons for this exact reason. I had people get verbally abusive to me because of something I had no control over and now I extremely rarely use coupons because they left such a bad taste in my mouth. To Mcoates, it is really hard to be nice the 52nd time you are having somebody DEMAND that you take a fraudulent coupon. I would caution everybody to remember that the person across the counter has very little control over whether or not to take a coupon and the more often they are verbally smacked the more likely they are to be strongly adament about NOT taking the coupon, which you may interpret as not “nice.”

  21. anne ried says:

    I sent this coupon to my mother in VA and she has been using atleast once a day since the coupon was posted on your site with no problems. She has been going to several different Starbucks in her area and had no issues redeeming. I guess she’s lucky!

  22. BAIT AND SWITCH, Starbucks!!

  23. Trisha W. says:

    I used mine in Boise, ID with no problem. I printed mine from I do see they have taken the offer down though.

  24. I’m in NYC and 3 days ago I was able to use the coupon but today I went to 2 Starbucks they said they need the coupon printed out. I think Starbucks corp. was lossing so much money of it! so I printed the coupon and going tomorrow and THEY BETTER NOT SAY ANYTHING! I want me free DRINK!

  25. and more thing guys some Starbucks dont honur the coupon if you read the bottom it says in participating Starbucks stores.

  26. I tried to use the coupon from and was told by a Barista that they do not accept the coupons from You need to get this offer directly from the starbucks website in order for them to honor it.

  27. Lisa Johnson says:

    I tried to use my printed coupon at the Starbucks in Marietta, GA (near Walgreens at E. Piedmont & Roswell Rd) and was turned down. They said that is was a duplicate and that the coupon needed to be an actual coupon. I said it wasn’t a duplicate as I just printed once from But, still no drink! Disappointed in Starbucks to not accept the coupon as a courtesy. I waited in the drive-thru line for 20 minutes. Disappointed in their Customer Service..or, lack of Customer Service.

    • mxlovesorange says:

      I work at Starbucks. I know that Starbucks is known for it’s higher quality service and for going above and beyond to try to make a customer happy. I’m sorry that you feel disappointed about the service because they didn’t accept the “coupon”. Please understand that you were not the only person to have that coupon. In one day we had a customer bring in 3 coupon in one visit and in the same day brought in another 3. Can you imagine how many other people have done that, and if we had accepted that coupon how many free drinks we would have given out. If you were a business owner, would you allow that to happen, would you accept a coupon that someone had copied. How much money would you be out of because someone decided to cheat the system. Just helping you understand how frustrating it is on the other side of the counter.

  28. I used this coupon on this morning 3/19/13 at the Starbucks location in Dyer, Indiana and it definitely worked. The lady put in the code at the bottom of the coupon. Loved it!!!

  29. I work at Starbucks just letting you guys know these are not company issues these are fake coupons. We will not take these unless they have a barcode, otherwise people can use these coupons multiple times! Sorry!!

  30. the coupons have a code. i used it at a store and the barista asked me if i tried the other flavor and when i said no she gave the coupon back to me as long as i promised to try the other flavor too. so i used it again at a different location and they took it no problem.

  31. This absolutely is a legitimate coupon, as I was given this exact one by the barista in my local Starbucks (Seattle). I also used the printout successfully on 3/17. That being said, perhaps Starbucks decided to change their acceptance policy after so many started being redeemed.

  32. I am in Lancaster, CA and found 3 sheets of these coupons printed out. I used one, they took it. I gave at least 8 of them away and other people used them too and got free drinks. I have been using them EVERY DAY and have tried both the hot and cold versions using the REPRIINTED coupon. So it is legit. The cashier just enters 350 as the code! 🙂

  33. Starbucks fan says:

    The same thing happened to me, I gave the coupon to the register and she loudly told me that they didn’t accept those anymore. I turned around to ask my bf if he wanted to get anything else and the lady called me over again and confiscated the coupon. I thought she was the rudest thing. Even though just a week ago I went to Starbucks with my friends and it worked. And then she showed me that I needed one of those high quality print outs. So if your in Alhambra don’t go to the one on Atlantic they can be pretty rude.

  34. I used it yesterday near Farmers Branch and was told it was a valid coupon. I did ask first if they accepted it and if it was valid. A friend told me her starbucks said it was fake. They accepted it and said it was real. Maybe they hadn’t heard yet. I figured I’d print it again and go there this morning. I don’t want to go back with the same baristas there. Who knows. Weird that there is so much controversy over this. I printed mine at home.

  35. Linda Godinez says:

    FYI I used it at a variety of stores in Austin and all of them took it. I printed a ton and got at least 15 free ones! So if this deal comes up again, please share.

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