June 20, 2018

Super Savings Saturday – Kroger Shopping Trip

Mar 5, 2011

There weren’t too many deals this week, so I settled for just going to Kroger.

Total Spent: $65.17
Total Saved:  $40.77 (38%)

I was very excited to be there right as the organic dairy section was being marked down – there were a ton of manager’s specials! I got a dozen eggs for $1.25 (reg. price was $3.49) and some Stonyfield organic yogurt for $1.99.

My other favorite deals include $2.99 Charmin toilet paper after ecoupon, $1.49 Cascadian Farm cereal, and organic apples for $1.49/lb. You can find all the Kroger deals HERE.

I also stocked up on Larabars. They were $1 and I had $1/4 and $1/2 coupons making them just 50¢ – 75¢ each. I am obsessed with these bars right now. Chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite flavor (for obvious reasons) but it is so hard to find! Kroger is one of the few stores that carry it in my area. I like to store these bars in the fridge – they taste way better when cold. 😉

I splurged on some strawberries this week. Despite being $3.99, they were looking red and delicious and they were calling my name!

How much did you save at the grocery store this week?


  1. Do you not have a Sprouts in your area?

    • @Rae, I do, but haven’t been there yet. I am thinking of checking the store out this week maybe.

      • @Stephanie, Oh yes if you have one near you definitely worth checking out. Normal prices are pretty high but they have at least a few good deals per week that are organic and/or natural (and double ad Wednesdays) and a few excellent deals that are regular things. Like this week they have organic cameo or gala apples or organic minneola tangelos for $.99/lb,, all natural fresh chicken tenders for $1.97/lb (all natural b/l s/l chicken breast or chicken thighs goes down to $1.59 or sometimes $1.49/lb),,, 3 lb bags of organic fuji apples or red d’anjou pears for $2.99.

        They also have a great selection of bulk things (flours, rices, spices, etc) and every few months they will do a 25% off all bulk bins sale. And usually one or two items from the bulk area per week are on sale for more than that. And every once in a while they will sell $100 giftcards for $89 (they actually did this last fri/sat).

        Make sure to sign up for their mail and email list too. They haven’t done anything the past few months but before that, every month you’d get an offer either by mail or email for a completely free item (32oz tub of yogurt, carton of soy milk, bottle of tea, etc). I’m hoping they go back to this soon.

  2. I was excited to save 70%this week! I bought right at $300 worth of groceries,and paid $90 For it! At target, my total was $45, after coupons was 6.94. Another trip was over $15, after coupons, $2.50. At walmart, my total was near $80, after coupons was $34! At CVS I paid $16, walked out with 12 in extrabucks, and saved $59! It was a good week! I’ve noticed prep time about doubles my savings! Unprepared weeks I only save about 30-40%.

  3. I went on my first coupon shopping trip ever on Thursday. I bought $252 worth of groceries for $188. Any ideas on how I can do things differently and make that percentage higher?

  4. Lisa – I definitely have found that the more I coupon, the more I save. Just keep at it, and your percentages will keep going up! Especially if you are getting bucks back from like CVS, Rite Aid type places. Good luck!

  5. Publix today spent $60.41 saved $30.54! All food no cleaning supplies or bathroom supplies! Score!

  6. So far we have shopped at Kroger and Brookshires this weekend. We spent $ 53.00 for $ 150.00 worth of groceries. Big deals included 5lb of Mahatma rice for 30¢, free gain dryer sheets, 59¢ totinos pizza rolls, and the online kroger coupons for bounty and charmin. We still have to hit Sprouts for 99¢ strawberries, red and gold peppers for 77¢, and bulk items. We also have to hit Albertsons for 78¢ lb. chicken breasts, danimals yogurt, community coffee, and more Monopoly pieces! Too fun! I am still trying to wrap my brain around Walgreens though. I have a question: Are the register rewards random and if not, how do you know ahead of time what register rewards you are getting?

    Still have to hit Albertson’s for a few deals and Monopoly pieces.

    • @Louise, Register Rewards are definitely not random. What you want to do is sign up for the “sneak peek” e-mail list on walgreens.com. You’ll get to see the upcoming weekly ads early, outlining all the sale items and all the RR items, then you can plan your next Walgreens trip. Hope that helps.

      • @Kimmie,
        Thanks Kimmie. I am going to use the website that outlines the $5 Walgreens challenges instead of trying it on my own at first. I think once I do it and see how it all works I will get the hang of it.

        • @louise, Good plan! I can tell you at Walgreen’s today I spent $4.90 and saved over $56. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it.

        • @louise,
          My husband and I did the walgreens thing. We spent $ 7 for about $ 20 worth of stuff. I think we can do better and will try again next week.

  7. I went to Kroger today and saved $121.62 or 76%!! That’s the best I’ve ever done with such a big load! I got several boxes of Cascadian Farms Granola Bars for $1.49 and I also caught some clearance deals, Kashi ceral for 79 cents! I also got two bottles of B-12 vitamins free, 2 free boxes of Benefiber Drink Sticks, Eight bags of Chex Mix for $1.00 and three Old Spice deoderants and five body washes for $5.00!! I am super jazzed, we are having company next week and I have snacks a plenty!!!

  8. I took ’em to the cleaners this week. Total from my various trips I paid $50 and saved $180. Favorites include free 12 roll of TP from Ralphs from their cartbuster deal of the day online promotion and4 free 12 pks of Coke plus 2 free bags of chips at Vons – I had 2 free 12 pk. coupons from Coke rewards and it was on sale B2G2+2 Free bags of chips!!!!!

  9. 30 cans hunts speg sauce, 2 jars skippy peanut butter, 2 large contains of parmessan cheese @ Giant $2.93

  10. I find it a challenge to get decent savings at my Albertson’s. tempted to switch to Kroger, but haven’t as yet.

    That being said this week at Albertson’s I spent $82 and saved $53. Not bad, but I think I could do better.

    • I rarely shop Albertsons anymore. Ralphs and Vons double coupons, Albertsons doesn’t. Vons always seems to have the best loss leaders too.

      • @Jenny B,
        Depends on where you are. Albertsons here doubles up to $.50 coupons and triples up to $.35 coupons (well technically $.39 but never seen a coupon in between $.36 and $.39 lol) the same as Kroger 🙂

  11. I saved 57% savings yesterday. Bought 57 items for $90. 68

    TOTAL SAVINGS OF $113.85

    TIP; bounty towels are on closeout at frys in oro valley AZ….! with the coupon for $.50/1 in P&G……..= $.07 EA!! I stocked up with 18 rolls!!!

    some of the other items……..
    i also got 4 propel fitness for $.50ea
    duracell battery on sale for 2.50 got it for $.50 with safeway $2 off coupon
    box of huggies 96 count for $15 with safeway coupon and MC
    tide liquid detergents on sale for $5.99 for $3.99 ea with target $1 off coupon and MC
    Charmin for $3.99
    those are some of the best deals.

  12. Well this week at Kroger I got $17.42 worth of stuff for $.09 (after one of my $3 cats). But as far as “stumbled upon” deals, I got a 7 lb bag of Krusteaz all natural whole grain baking mix (like Bisquick) for $1.97 😀 The 6 lb bag of the same brand (but multi grain instead) was around $7 and the box of Bisquick next to it (I think 4 lbs?) was about $5 so it was a GREAT deal. I plan to use the waffle recipe on the back and just dress it up with some vanilla, berries, or smashed bananas and maybe some fresh blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes mmmm 🙂

  13. Courtney Wade says:

    I’m a beginner, but I spent $265.00 at Target last night and I saved $27.84. I know its not much, but I was excited. I have been couponing for years, but I am a beginner compared to you guys. Your tips have been so helpful and the store match-ups are great. I love this website!! Thanks for all your help!!!

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