May 26, 2018

Target: Coupon and Price Matching Policies and New Printable Coupon System

Nov 17, 2009


Target Printable Coupons

Target has a new printable coupon system on their website.  Customers are now limited to printing two of each coupon per computer.  This means the use of the Target Coupon Generator is no longer permitted.  Please remember that it is never okay to copy coupons.  This new system may be disappointing for everyone right now, but I personally think it will be a more effective system that will benefit us all.

Price Matching Policy

Target also has a new price matching policy.  They will match the price for any identical item in a competitor’s printed advertisement.  There are some exclusions, such as they will not match online offers, coupon-required offers, timed event offers (doorbusters, early bird, etc), prices advertised as $$ off or % off (with no definitive price), bundled offers, or gift card offers.  Make sure to read the entire policy for the complete list of exclusions.  Target will allow the use of a Target coupon and/or manufacturer’s coupon on items you are price matching.

To price match, show the cashier the ad with the item you are price matching at the very beginning of your transaction.  After the cashier has rung up the rest of your items, they will suspend your transaction and direct you to customer service.  Customer service will then complete your order and handle your price matching, along with any coupons for those items.

Target Coupon Policy

Target has a very clear cut coupon policy.  Some of the main points are:

  • Target accepts one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon for the same item (unless prohibited).
  • Super Target coupons can be used in any Target store if the store carries the item.
  • Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied.
  • No cash back will be given if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item.
  • Coupons from other retailers, or coupons for products not carried in at Target are not accepted.

Be sure to read the entire policy for the full list of guidelines.

I think it is helpful to print and carry a copy of these policies to the store with you in case there are problems.


  1. Just sent your link out in The Coupon Cupboards weekly newsletter. Hope you get some of our readers coming out to read your great info on these new policies 🙂
    .-= Barb´s last blog ..Cheap way to do your holiday lights =-.

  2. so that means that the next time i go to target they won’t be out of really cheap or free items like wipes!!! yea!!! (of course i don’t get to go very often, since it is about 25min away, not worth the drive sometimes) i guess it is good and bad really.

  3. I am sad about the print limit. I would rather them enforce a purchase limit. Either way they wont be able to stop those who are determined to buck the system. I very rarely go in and find things sold out and its easy enough to go back again later or get a rain check. I think most of us try to be courteous to other shoppers and it is sad that all of us will suffer for those few who chose to play outside of the spirit of the game.

  4. V. Ryan says:

    I had the WORST time at Target trying to get them to take a coupon. I’m going to print the policy and go through that ladies line again! OK – I probably won’t, but I will stick the policy in with my shopping list from now on. Thanks!

  5. I have the same problem, Jessica. I’m 20-30 mins from the nearest Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger, CVS, or Walgreens so I have to get everything together the two nights before hand and do all my deal shopping and grocery shopping in the same day. I try not to take any of the kids with me either… This is probably THE best site out there (for me anyway) because Stephanie takes a lot of the research out of the entire scenario for me! 😀

  6. I have a question, lets say I have 2 of the 2$ off target coupon for the rimmel mascara from target and 2 of the 1$ off coupon from mascara can i use 2 manufacturers and 2 target ones on 2 mascaras or is it limited to one mascara per purchase? im a little confused with this. because i can print 4 manufacturers and 4 target ones but dont know if they will let me buy 4 mascaras pls let me know.

    • @jerika, The Target coupons say “limit 1 per transaction” but not all Targets enforce that rule (mine does not). If yours does, just do 2 transactions. You can use 1 of the manufacturer’s coupons and 1 of the Target coupons per mascara. So, if you have 4 of each then you can buy 4 mascaras.

  7. can you use 2 coupons for a buy one get one free item? and what about 2 items sold together for one price ,but is not a buy one get one free?thank you

    • @debbie, For B1G1 Free sales, you may or may not be able to use a coupon on the free item. Some stores seem to allow and some don’t. As for two items packaged together, you can only use one coupon. It only counts as one item because only one barcode is scanned.

  8. I have access to several computers so am I able to print 2 coupons per computer? For example 1.50/2 Wishbone dressings–Can I purchase 10 bottles wtih my 5 target coupons and use my 75 cents coupons from wishbone?

    • @Kim, As long as your Target will allow you to use more than 1 Target coupon per transaction (some won’t). If not then you might need to do multiple transactions or trips.

  9. On the target coupon I have it says ‘Coupon may not be combined with other promotional codes…’. Does that mean I cannot use it with a manufacturer’s coupon? Also, if I have 2 manufacturer’s coupons (one printed from and the other from the paper circular) can I use both of those on 1 item? I am headed to Target in the morning to try out my very first coupon spree and I am nervous on these 2 things. Thank you for all the help on this website, it is a big help for my fmily!

  10. Hi,

    I couldn’t find anything about catalina coupons on Target’s policy, do you know if they would accept them?

    Thanks !


  11. Hi,
    I just got back from Target & I was shorted $12 on my coupons. I am going to return the Degree because none of my Degree coupons were credited, but the clerk had them. My Mr. Clean coupon, the Target John Frieda weren’t credited! Very aggravating! How do you watch carefully enough to make sure all coupons are counted? I paid $61 & saved $45 in coupons, but it should have been $12 more savings in coupons.

    • It is frustrating when that happens! I try to watch carefully but sometimes I miss them anyway. Try stacking them in alternating directions so they don’t get stuck together and watch the register – sometimes the coupon beeps and the clerks don’t notice until they’ve scanned several other coupons.

      • I’ve been having problems with Target as well. I had to have the clerk redo my coupons 4 times the other night because she was’nt getting the fact that she was holding $21 in coupons and that $21 from 59 was not 47. Even after all that I still got shorted $1.00 but I was so annoyed I just chucked it up to a loss. Then 2 days later I got shorted $7 in coupons and was treated like scum by the cashier, she kept huffing and puffing cause she had to verify a price and because she was missing coupons I had her redo them. She then turned to the line and said “I’m sorry she’s the problem she has all these coupons.” I’m a grocery store manager so I am still fuming and plan on having a talk directly with the store mgr not any of the assistants. Good luck I’m determined to get my Target over there poor coupon treatment and I do keep their policy on hand because they are inconsistant in interpretating their own policy.

  12. I took advantage of the Target Banana Boat sun care product deal and got the $5 promo card; I then applied that to a 2nd transaction which gave me another $5 promo card. I was going to do a third transaction using that gift card but the Target cashier told me I wasn’t allowed to redeem more than 1 gift card per day. They couldn’t produce the policy that stated that so wanted to know if anyone could confirm that. Thanks!

    • @Jo, I just looked up their terms of use on the target website for gift cards and nowhere on there does it state you can’t redeem more than one a day.

    • Jo, I have successfully used up to 3 gift cards in one transaction. I don’t know if it’s policy or not, but it worked for me with no hassles.

  13. I am not able to download the Target software to print coupons. Any ideas?

  14. I have a TARGET STORE coupon for a water purifier system that states “limit 1 coupon or offer per transaction….Coupon may not be combined with other promotional codes or applied to previous offers.”
    I also have a MANUFACTURER’S coupon for this same item.
    Can I use both coupons??

  15. Jennifer says:

    I have had trouble with my Target accepting coupons lately. For example, they would not honor the Ziploc deal you reported a couple weeks ago on “Ziplock food storage items.” They said I could only buy Ziplocs the “Food Storage” product, as though “food storage” was a proper name. There was no such product on the shelves and I have been unable to find such a product at other stores so I think they just made that up. Today, I tried to buy the sample size Tide with the $1 P&G coupons to get them for free, and they told me I could only use it on a bottle of Tide because a bottle was shown in the picture even though there is no such limitation written on the coupon. It seems as though they are making their own rules up on coupons and with the store coupons in particular, I feel it is very misleading to pull customers into a store under the guise of some deal and then not honor it. Do I really need to print out a copy of their policy and carry it with me? Because if so, I’m about to simply shop at Walmart instead where they will match any competitor’s price and I have never had a problem haggling over coupons. I don’t have time for this and I’m tired of being treated like I’m some sort of criminal.

    • That is very frustrating, but unfortunately happens often. Some stores just don’t understand that it is the wording that matters, not the picture. Just keep trying and bring the coupon policy with you. If they continue to give you problems though, your time may be better spent shopping elsewhere.

      • Jennifer R. says:

        Yes, it often seems as though their cashiers have NO CLUE about the couponing policies or how they work. They just don’t seem to bother training cashiers how to ring up coupons. (And I think that at some stores, the management tells them not to accept stuff that they are supposed to). You should try making a note to yourself which cashier(s) give you a hard time, and try someone else. If the ALL give you problems, then it’s a problem with management either not traing their ppl, or going against company policy, either of which ought to be reported to the company.

  16. I Luv Target~~They take a lot of my cpn’s & so far they never say anything about the limit, sometimes I do more than 1 transaction just so they don’t say anything. They keep things stocked so I go twice a week ..@ my walmart the clerks act like they are afraid to take an internet cpn, they always say is this from the internet?lol

  17. Jennifer R. says:

    I tried both of your links for getting to Target’s Q policy, but they both take me to what looks like the home page. I can’t find a link anywhere on this page for the policy. Can someone help? (I haven’t tried the links for the Price Matching policy yet…do they go to the same page?)

  18. Alot of Target cashiers are under the impression that if the coupon value exceeds the cost of the item , that they cannot take the coupon. I’ve been missing out on savings because I believed them. I just read the coupon policy on here and it says that they are supposed to reduce the amount of the coupon so that it can be accepted. I can’t wait to go back and shove my coupon policy in their faces. Its so frustrating to plan a shopping trip and then it gets ruined simply because a cashiers doesn’t want to take the time to find out the correct answer or do the right thing by the customer.

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