June 20, 2018

Target Freebies – Crystal Light, Degree Deodorant, Johnson’s Soap

Jun 5, 2009


If you are planning a trip to Target, here are a few freebies you can pick up while you’re there!

Johnson’s Buddies Soaps are 99¢, use this $3 off 3 Printable Coupon to get 3 for FREE!

Crystal Light On-the-Go 3 packs near the registers are only 99¢, use the $1/1 or $2/2  Printable Coupons HERE, HERE, or HERE to get them FREE!

Degree Men’s Deodorant (Artic Edge & Intense Sport) is regularly priced $2.49 each, use the $1.50 Target Printable Coupon AND the $1 Coupon from the 5/17 Redplum Insert to get it for FREE!

For more of this week’s Target Deals visit Stretching a Buck.


  1. I wasn’t able to use a few of my coupons because the coupon was worth more than the product priced. Which was the .99 crystal light, but I don’t get why the 2 stacked coupons for the degree deodorant that went the same .1 cent over the other coupon would of done. I wasn’t going to ask and just went on with the other deals i got.

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  2. The cashier should be able to adjust coupons down the penny to make the items free. The Target Degree coupon would have been the easiest for the store to adjust, since it is theirs. The manager could have helped the cashier. Try again! Go through an alternate register line, on another day, or to a different store. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and get ALL of the deals next time! Best of luck to you.

  3. I wrote Target Guest Relations about not being able to use a $1 coupon on a .99 cent item. They said it was corporate policy to adjust the coupon down to .99 cents. I’m going to carry that e-mail with me and educate the Target employees on corporate policy. I hope that works.

  4. i was disapointed because the three soap couls not work with the coupon for 3 dollars off but they would not take my coupon. so i came out with my hands empty

  5. I just wanted to vent for a second.. had a very stressful trip to Target tonight. Every coupon had an issue.. I had to argue with them about how they should adjust the coupon down for all the travel size items. I had 4-5 employess over there trying to convince me otherwise. Then I was (rudely) told any printable mfr coupons I bring in that the computer doesn’t automatically recognize… it is a policy that those WILL NOT be manually adjusted by the cashier.. they will just be handed back to me! They were doing it for me “just this once”!! UGGG.

    Also, the johnson’s buddies cpns… they would not take it. I tried and tried to convince them. The coupon said “excludes 4 oz” and the soaps were 2.something ounces. My argument was if they didn’t want me to buy the 2 ounce soap it would have said excludes 4 oz and below… but it did not.. it just said excludes 4 oz. They argued and argued that the coupon meant “excludes 4 oz and below”

    Very stressful and anonoying. If it wasn’t closing time and if I didn’t have two whiney kids with me I would have argued it more. Seems like everytime I have tried couponing at target I have had this kind of luck! Kind of makes me want to stick to CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger (my staples!)

  6. Bummer Dara,
    I have had those days at target — it really is so not worth our effort sometimes, because same store diffrent day I’ve had great experences
    and I’ve also learned that I never want to go to my Target at closing time they have to type everything in and scanning even thier coupons is a hassle!
    keep your head up 🙂

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