June 22, 2018

Walmart: Cheap Rotisserie Chicken

Jul 28, 2009

walmart rotisserie chicken

I just discovered a delicious Walmart secret!  My local Walmart sells their cooked rotisserie chickens and fried chicken pieces for just $1.50 after 9 pm!  They do this to push the sales because they will just be thrown away later that night.  Great deal for late shoppers!

Since that is cheaper than buying a whole uncooked chicken, I snagged 2 and pulled all the chicken off the bones to freeze and use for future meals.  Now I have cooked and seasoned meat to use for meals and it only cost me $1.50.  Wow!

Be sure to check and see if your Walmart offers a similar deal.  Only 2 out of 5 employees knew about this at my Walmart, so I would ask more than 1 person if I were you. 😉


  1. Did the price automatically come up as $1.50 or did you have to have it adjusted?

  2. Be careful about those, though. My SIL is an ER nurse and says she sees a lot of people that get sick from those chickens because they sit out so long….

  3. Katie,

    When they were scanned the cashier was prompted to put in the price.

  4. Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s great to have more ideas on how to get meat products cheaper.

  5. They actually have a time written on the chicken to show what time the chickens ame out of the oven and there is only a 4 hour holding time so if its more than 4 hours old then its probably not a good idea to buy it if you don’t want to get sick.

  6. I’ve done the same thing AND I’ve use the bones to make stock, lol………maxing out my buck.

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