10 DIY Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation week is May 4h-8th this year, and I’m excited to say thank you to my kids’ teachers. They all work so incredibly hard every day and want to be able to tell them thanks in a thoughtful way! With social distancing still in place around the country, consider mailing your gift or dropping it off curbside for your kids’ teachers.

Check out my round up of easy homemade gifts that you can do with your kids.

Apple Coasters

These apple coasters are super cute and fun to make. Try to make them with your older kids and see what other shapes you come up with!

Decorative Succulent Pots

Succulents are all the rage since they’re affordable and brighten up any space. Teachers will appreciate adding these pots to their desks.

Chill Pills

Love this idea so much! What teacher doesn’t like to have a bit of candy on her desk to munch on?

Chalkboard Mason Jar

Mason jars are the perfect pencil/marker/Sharpie/ruler holder for teachers to keep on their desks. I love the idea of upgrading them with some chalkboard paint.

Pencil Flower Bouquet

It looks like just a pretty gift, but the flowers are actually usable pencils!

You Deserve a Break – of that Kit Kat Bar

These are super cute printables that make it easy to add a little something to candy!

Apple Lip Balm Card

This seems difficult to make, but it’s actually quite simple! And who doesn’t need another lip balm to add to their collection?

Target Gift Card Holder

This gift card holder is a great way to add a personalized touch to your gift card.

Starbucks Gift Card Holder

Another idea for presenting a simple gift card that I love. It’s especially good for those teachers who love their coffee!

Photo Gift Card Holder

The last gift card holder on the list, but for the most crafty. This is the most personalized way to upgrade your gift cards!

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  1. If you want to show a teacher how much you appreciate them, please give them gift cards. They spend so much of their own money on our kids, a gift card is more appreciated than any other gift. JS


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