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10 Ideas for an Affordable Girls Night Out (Or In!)

Girls nights out can really make a difference in your sanity. Occasionally you just have to do something with your girlfriends. But sometimes we can get carried away with spending money when we get together with friends. Here are some ideas for quality girl time that won’t break the bank!

  1. Go to the Beach (or Pool). Always a fun time whether you wish to just lay out in the sun or swim in the ocean. Save money by packing your own drinks and snacks to enjoy, and don’t forget sun protection!
  2. Have a Baking Party.  Have everyone bring their favorite recipe and choose what everyone will bake. In the end, vote to see who really is the best baker of the group!
  3. Have a Sleepover. When was the last time you can say you had a sleepover comparable to the kind when you were a kid? Watch movies, vent about boy problems, pop some popcorn and just have fun.
  4. Get Crafty. Gather at someone’s house to work on your favorite craft, whether it’s knitting, painting or even good ole coloring.
  5. Game Night. Have everyone bring their favorite board game. Grab a drink, get some food and spend the evening laughing and having a great time. 
  6. Makeovers! Give each other a spa day/makeover at the house. Put on masks, grab some bubbly, paint each others’ nails and just relax the night away.
  7. Drive-In Movies. Most drive-in movies charge by car, so this can be a super affordable activity and is always very fun. You can even bring your own food and drinks!
  8. Road Trip. Choose one or two local places most everyone hasn’t seen and go check them out. You don’t even have to pay for a hotel. Find a cool place that’s within a couple hours and come back before nightfall!
  9. Go Hiking. Most cities have a small or large hiking trail nearby. Go hiking and maybe even stop for a picnic at lunch time.
  10. In-Home Wine Tasting. Some companies offer in-home wine tastings that are a lot cheaper than going to a winery, but even cheaper than that is having everyone bring their favorite bottle of wine. Everyone researches some fun facts about the bottle beforehand and takes turns hosting all night!

Whatever you decide to do with your girlfriends, I’m sure you will make many memories!

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