Upcycled Storage

10 Upcycled Storage Solutions

After my “tidying up” adventures, I was inspired to find other ways of using everyday items to organize my life, otherwise known as my upcycled storage solutions! I like the idea of transforming items that I usually throw away into something useful. Plus, it helps reduce my waste, which is always a plus!

Here are a ten crafts that I was definitely inspired by!

Recycled Can Cutlery Holder

This was an amazing find for me! I always have trouble with my silverware drawer, plus I like showing off my cutlery!

Tissue Box Yarn Holders


Since it’s the middle of winter, we’ve had sniffly noses for months. So instead of throwing tissue boxes away, this is a great way to store your yarn, PLUS you can get the kids involved!

Cord Organizer


Such a cute way to reuse toilet paper rolls (or even paper towel rolls if you have longer cords). Plus, it makes everything look so much neater!

Coffee Creamer Storage


A nice way to keep those bulk foods you buy (to save money of course!) like grains, pasta, and popcorn kernels.

Tic Tac Ribbon Dispenser


Definitely an inspirational way to reuse Tic Tac containers, I would never have thought of it! And now my ribbons are neatly stored away!

Marker Caddy

Marker Caddy

This is a great way to organize my kids’s craft area and they can neatly see all the different colors really well!

Cell Phone Holder

Cell phone holder

I’m loving this idea because my phone is always on the floor and this way I can keep track of it (and little feet may not accidentally step on my phone!).

Condiment Holder

Condiment Holder

Sometimes everything else in our house is neatly put away but my fridge (especially the condiments), tends to be a bit of a mess. This is an way of organizing your condiments, PLUS you’re using leftover egg crates!

Glass Jars for Bathroom Organization

Glass Jars

We go through a ton of salsa and jelly in our house (not eaten together) and I always feel bad getting rid of the glass jars. I love these ideas on how to take something so simple and make them both pretty and utilitarian!

Shopping Bag Organization

Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags

I tend to hoard shopping and gift bags. This is a great way of reusing them (even if you don’t have a ton of Tiffany bags laying around!).

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