25 Organic Seed Packets for $4.99!

*Update – they are now sold out.

This is a really great deal! Seeds of Change is giving away 100 million seeds, and you can get 25 packets of seeds for $4.99 shipped ($75 value)! If you belong to an organization, you can get 100 packets for $14.99 shipped ($300 value).

Limit 1 order per household. You should receive your seeds in 2-6 weeks.

Thanks, Organic Deals!

Are you planting a garden this year?


  1. Our kids wanted to have a backyard garden so a few weeks ago we planted cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, corn, pumpkin, peppers, zinnias and snapdragons (the kids picked the seeds that they wanted). So far all of the plants have sprouted except for the peppers and snapdragons. We bought the seeds at our local ACE Warehouse store when they were on sale for 8 cents per pack.


  2. Why post when they are out before I get the post. Kind of a scam to get you to their website or to post on facebook


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