4 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids Under 8

As the weather gets cooler, your kids might not be spending as much time outside as they had been. Coming up with fun, seasonal activities to enjoy indoors can be tricky. Fall crafts present a great opportunity to enjoy autumn even if the weather isn’t ideal. These four fall crafts for kids under eight are a fun, festive way to make the most out of the season!

Mason Jar Fall Luminaries via Where Imagination Grows
We’ve included this project in the list because it is such a fun way to pay homage to fall colors. The project calls for mason jars, Mod Podge, tissue paper, construction paper, paintbrushes, and candles. It could get a little messy, but it isn’t too hard for even small children to do, and the results are beautiful!

Bundled Q-Tip Autumn Tree via The Pinterested Parent
This project makes the list because it is a good way to help your child finetune his or her artistic eye and fine motor skills. The painting technique is relatively simple, relying primarily on dipping a bundle of cotton swabs in paint and then dabbing it on the paper or canvas. This technique can create a pretty seasonal painting that you may want to hold onto for years to come.

Paper Bag Fall Tree via Pikadilly Charm
We like this project because it’s a good way to give children a chance to practice using scissors. The project makes creative use of a paper bag and some colorful paper, transforming them into a three-dimensional fall tree you could use as a centerpiece on your dinner table.

Paper Plate Scarecrow via The Keeper of the Cheerios
Paper plates are such convenient crafts supplies, which is why we’ve included this project on the list. The main component is a paper plate. Your child decorates the plate with markers, paint, and construction paper until it resembles a scarecrow. Since the basic concept is simple, you might even adjust the project to use whatever craft supplies you have on hand.

The next time you’re looking to enjoy fall but the weather won’t allow it, try these four fall crafts with your kids.

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