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4 Ways to Save Money as a New Mom

Your new bundle of joy may be the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to you, but your new bundle of bills probably isn’t.

The cost of having a baby is steep. If medical bills aren’t enough, you’ll have to worry about strollers, car seats, changing tables, cribs, clothes… it may seem like the expenses never end.

And while no new parent wants to skimp on their newborn, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some clever ways to save. These simple money-saving tips can help you focus more on your new baby and less on your strained budget. 

Complete Baby Registries

Baby registries are a helpful way to point potential gift givers in the right direction. Plus, there’s a big bonus: many retailers will give you an additional discount on any items on your gift registry that weren’t purchased.

Shop Secondhand

Babies grow quickly, so you might find perfectly good baby clothes that were barely used at a thrift shop.

While shopping secondhand can be a great way to save, don’t skimp when safety is on the line. For instance, car seats have expiration dates. Plus, some recalled car seats might slip through into thrift stores. Because of the safety component, it’s usually best to buy safety items like car seats new from a reliable retailer.

Also, never put your safety on the line for the sake of saving money. Meeting up with someone you don’t know to make a purchase can be dangerous, so be very cautious when buying items on Facebook.

Embrace Hand-Me-Downs

Your sister has some baby clothes her kid has outgrown. Your neighbor has some baby furniture she doesn’t need anymore. There may be countless people in your life looking to offload baby products, and there’s no shame in accepting hand-me-downs from those around you.

Look for Deals

Companies that produce baby products often offer discounts and/or coupons. There’s a good reason for that; if they can lure you in and get you hooked on their diapers, formula, baby food, or other product, they’ll score a repeat customer. So watch weekly ads and coupon flyers to find the best deals available, and visit your favorite baby brands’ websites to see if they offer free memberships like Enfamil’s Loyalty Program or Huggies Rewards.

Parenthood will have its challenges, but with these simple money-saving tips, budgeting for baby doesn’t need to be the greatest challenge. 

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