Date Night Savings Tips

5 Ways to Save on Date Night

Between juggling work, school, kids, activities and just day-to-day life stuff, it’s always nice to take a break from the whirl-wind of everything. My husband and I make a point of having a date night at least once a month to take some time to ourselves and get reconnected.

But date night can start to get pricey after awhile (especially if you have to factor in a babysitter). And with Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it’d be a good time to share some great ways of being able to spend that quality time with one another without breaking the bank.

  1. A Movie and “Linner.” Some movie theaters still do matinee discounts if you go early enough. It’s great to go see a movie in the afternoon, then enjoy a late lunch or early dinner together. Both the movies and the restaurants tend to be less crowded. In addition, many restaurants offer happy hours so you can enjoy a cocktail and enough appetizers to fill you up without spending too much (and we all know the apps are usually the best part anyway).
  2. Play mixologist at home. Having a fun cocktail (or mocktail) is always a great way to start the evening. And if you stock up your bar, you can make yourself and that special someone a great drink at home! Enjoy it while stargazing in the backyard and listening to your favorite music.
  3. Go for a hike. Most regional parks are free and having outside time is an amazing way to reconnect with someone as well as with yourself. Nature has a way of doing that!
  4. Dessert first. Now, this may not be quite the healthiest of plans, but instead of spending a ton of money at your favorite restaurant for an over-priced Valentine’s Day meal, go out for a late night dessert instead! That way you can have the fun of dressing up, going out and being social!
  5. Stay at home. Yes, I know, that can be boring if you let it be boring. But it doesn’t have to be! In terms of the kiddos: if you have little ones, put them to bed a bit earlier and then concentrate on the two of you. If you have older kids, get them over the a friend’s house for a sleep over. Then whip up dinner together, pour some wine and relax! Candles and music are always a must. It’s great to have that time to talk to one another and not worry about spending money on a fancy dinner out or babysitter costs.

And speaking of babysitter costs. If you do want to get away for the evening and need to have someone to watch your kids, look into your local parents’ groups. I know mine has a babysitting swap where we can sign up and take turns watching each other’s kids for free! It’s a great way to meet other parents in your community, have your kids meet other kids and you get the advantage of going out once in awhile without worrying about babysitting costs!

If you have other date night ideas, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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