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6 Backyard Activities to Enjoy the Weather

Most of the year, beautiful days are in short supply. So when that perfect weather hits, it would be a shame to waste it by staying indoors. Getting outside doesn’t mean you need to flock to crowded parks or beaches. There are lots of ways to have fun in your own backyard! Here are six fun backyard activities for families to enjoy on a nice day.

Blow Bubbles

Do you remember how fun it used to be to blow bubbles? Well, it’s time to get out the bubble wands, because it’s still fun! You and your children could see who can make the biggest bubble, try to catch the bubbles without popping them, or designate targets and try to aim your bubbles at them.

If you’re making a day of it, you might want to get a good supply of fluid. This 128 oz. jug of bubble solution from Target should last you a while. Otherwise, you could always make your own with this tutorial from Home Science Tools.

Play With Water

Even on beautiful days, you may need a break to cool down. That’s where playing with water comes in! If you have a pool or slip and slide, they certainly keep you busy. But there are also more affordable options! Water balloons, squirt guns, and sprinklers can be just as fun. This four-pack of soaker guns from Amazon is under $20, and this inflatable kiddie pool is under $25.

Make a Fort

Having a private hangout could make any day seem special. But beyond that, just making a fort can be a fun way to pass the time. You can use your creativity when designing your fort. One of the easiest options is putting a blanket or sheet over a table or play structure. If you have large cardboard boxes, they can also work wonders. Once your fort is ready to go, you and/or your children might enjoy reading or playing on a device from the comfort of your private spot.

Don’t have the time to make your own fort but want a special place to spend time? Set up a tent!

Put Together an Obstacle Course

Are you always up for a challenge? Then an obstacle course might be right up your alley! You can use things you already have in your yard as part of the challenge. For instance, if you have a swing set, one obstacle may be weaving between the swings like a slalom.

Even planning the challenges can be fun for the whole family. Ask everyone to come up with one or two tasks, and then string them together for your custom obstacle course.

Play Yard Games

Family game night is always fun, but have you ever enjoyed a whole day of games? Yard games can keep your family entertained for hours on end. If you already have a cornhole or croquet set, a nice day is the perfect excuse to take them for a spin. If you don’t have yard games, you can just put together your own. Check out our article on DIY yard games to learn how!

Watch Movies

We know what you’re probably thinking: isn’t watching movies an indoor thing? Well, it doesn’t have to be! As long as the weather is nice, you can easily watch movies on your tablet or phone while sitting outside. If you have a projector, you could even watch your favorite flicks on the side of your house or a makeshift screen made of bed sheets.

What do you like to do to enjoy the nice weather? Share your favorite backyard activities in the comments section below!

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