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6 Free Date Night Ideas for Romance on a Budget

Flowers. Drinks. Dinner. Date night can get pricey.

But a great night with your significant other doesn’t have to cost a dime. If you forego some of the standard date night conventions, you might even find that a free date night can be more fun than a costly night out.

Try out one of these six free activity ideas for your next date night!

Attend a free event.

Many businesses, nonprofit groups, and communities host free events the public can enjoy, and these make for terrific date nights. You might find tours, festivals, concerts, and more.

Facebook Events is an easy way to browse your local area for free offerings.

Go on a hike.

Hiking trails provide a free date opportunity for anyone who likes an active date. Use free mobile apps like AllTrails to research local trails ahead of time and choose an option that fits your ability level and time commitment.

Enjoy a public park.

Going to a public park can be a fun way to spend a date night. You could pack a picnic, play Frisbee, or just relax and watch passersby. If your park of choice allows pets, this would also be a great date night to invite your dog along to!

Binge-watch a show.

If you’re already paying for a subscription to a streaming service, binge-watching a show together can be a great way to spend date night. Plus, if the series you select has enough episodes, you may need to schedule follow-up dates to finish what you started.

Have a game night.

You can indulge your competitive streak with this fun date night option. Challenge your significant other to a game you already have on hand, like Scrabble or dominoes. If you don’t have a game handy, consider downloading a free game app, like Plato, to compete with each other through your phones.


You can enjoy your partner’s company while making a difference in the world! Chase a shared passion by volunteering at an animal shelter, helping clean up a park, serving food at a soup kitchen, or any other service activity you can come up with. You, your partner, and your community can all benefit from this free date night activity!

Date night is about who you’re with, not how much you spend. With these six free date night ideas, you can save money while reconnecting with your significant other.

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