7 Cheap Things to Do with a Big Group This Weekend

Summer is great for socializing, but all that socialization can take a toll on your budget. Luckily, having a good time with a big group doesn’t need to be expensive. These seven fun activities are cheap and perfect for big groups.

Host a Game Night

Someone in your group probably already has an awesome game collection, so put it to good use! Game nights are a great way to enjoy each others company without spending a dime.

Have a Potluck

You can all feast together for not much more than it would cost you each to eat separately. Everyone brings a dish to pass, and the whole group enjoys a great meal together.

Binge Netflix

Whether your group prefers TV or movies, comedies or dramas, Netflix has plenty of options to choose from. Since someone in your group probably already has an account, you won’t need any money to enjoy a viewing party.

Play Frisbee

Playing Frisbee is a great way to get outside and enjoy a beautiful summer day. One of your friends may already own a Frisbee, but if not, they’re super affordable.

Go to a Free Concert

Many parks and communities have free concerts during the summer, and your group can easily enjoy them together! You might need to bring a blanket or lawn chairs to sit on, but the entertainment is free.

Go Swimming

There may be a free park in your community where your group can enjoy a dip in the lake, river, or ocean. No bodies of water near you? Community swimming pools usually offer affordable rates.

Have a Bonfire

There’s something about a roaring fire on a cool summer night to bring people together. Your group can chat, tell ghost stories, or sing songs around the fire for just the cost of wood and a match. If you want to guild the lily, splurge on a big bag of marshmallows to toast over the flames.

Your next big group gathering doesn’t have to come with an equally big bill. These seven cheap activities can bring people together without breaking the bank.

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