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7 Ways Your Teen Can Make Money This Summer

For teens, having a summer job is more than just a rite of passage. It’s also an opportunity to save money for college while learning a valuable lesson about hard work. The right summer job can even help your teenager test out potential future career options.

Here are seven ways your teen can make money this summer while learning more about themselves:


Babysitting may seem like a clichéd job for teens, but there are plenty of good reasons for that. Not only are babysitting jobs widely available, they’re also relatively flexible. If your teenager has other summer commitments, he or she can fit babysitting gigs in around them.


If your teen excels in school, picking up tutoring work can allow them to put money in the bank while helping out fellow students who need a little extra support. Plus, it’ll keep their brains sharp while out of school.

Pet Care

A lot of your friends and neighbors probably enjoy summer vacations, leaving their pets at home. This creates an excellent opportunity for your teen to earn some extra money by caring for pets. Your teen may stop in once or twice a day to provide food, water, and much needed affection to the lonely animals. They can do this through personal connections around town, or join a pet-sitting app like Rover or Wag to find customers.


If your teenager loves swimming, lifeguarding can be a natural fit. Lifeguarding jobs are widely available at community pools, beaches, and water parks, giving your teen an opportunity to earn an income while still enjoying the beautiful summer weather. 

Lawn Care

Your teen may choose to mow lawns, but there’s so much more to lawn care than that. Teens might also make money by working in landscaping, laying new grass seed, or trimming shrubs and trees.

Make and Sell Arts and Crafts

Crafty teens can stoke their creative streaks by producing arts and crafts to sell. They may host booths at craft local fairs or sell their works on Etsy.

Staring Their Own Business

Your teen can let his or her inner entrepreneur shine through! Summer is the perfect time for teenagers to experiment with starting their own businesses. They can research business opportunities, put together a business plan, and even launch their first business. While your budding entrepreneur may not make a fortune this summer, the skills they learn can help set them up for future business success.

While these money-making options are an excellent starting off point, your teen can also brainstorm for other opportunities that are relevant to his or her skills and interests.

What other teen jobs would you recommend?

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