7 Ways to Make Up for Your Cancelled Summer Vacation

Going on vacation is one of the best ways to refresh and recharge. As summer heats up, many families escape to their favorite destinations for a fun break from their day-to-day lives. But with COVID-19 still lingering, some vacation destinations may not be options this summer. Even if your go-to family favorite is open, you might not be comfortable braving the crowds just yet.

So how can you make up for your canceled vacation and get the break that you deserve? These seven options may be just what you need to have summer fun at home!

Take a Culinary World Tour

For many of us, food is one of the highlights of any vacation. Trying different dishes is an exciting adventure that can expand your palate. Luckily, you don’t have to leave your house to try new things. You can put together your own culinary world tour at home!

Just select the destinations that interest you most and find recipes that are popular in that part of the world. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to visit Paris, you might try making croissants and ratatouille. If you’ve been daydreaming about lounging on the beaches of Thailand, try making pad thai or green papaya salad.

Immerse Yourself in a Movie

Movies can take you on wild adventures in faraway lands. But since you’ve probably already watched some movies during quarantine, they may not feel so special anymore. To turn watching a movie into a vacation, consider finding ways to immerse yourself.

Food is one easy way to dive into the world of the movie. If you put together special dishes themed to match the movie you’re watching, you might feel like you’ve entered a different world. But you don’t need to stop there! You can take your immersion to the next level by basing your outfit off the movie. If a movie is set on a beach, you could put on your favorite swimsuit. If it takes place in a snowy climate, you might turn up your air conditioning and enjoy the chill.

Check out these additional tips for hosting the ultimate movie marathon.

Read Adventure or Travel Books

A good book and a vivid imagination can take you wherever you want to go! Adventure and travel books can be especially transportive, so you might want to dive into a novel set in an intriguing or exciting location. And to make it feel more like a vacation, don’t try to force yourself to read quickly. Take the time you need to imagine every scene!

Enjoy Your Backyard

If you have an outdoor space, it may be one of your best options for enjoying a nice vacation at home. Spending time outside screams summertime. You might read, eat, play games, or just lounge. And it’s much easier to forget all the work you have to do inside when it’s out of view!

Engage in Virtual Tourism

Virtual tourism has taken off since the pandemic began. It allows you to explore different locations without leaving your couch, which is good for your budget in addition to helping prevent the spread of COVID-19. Google Arts & Culture has countless amazing options that can make it feel like you’ve taken an epic around-the-world journey.

Indulge Yourself

Vacation is all about treating yourself. Incorporating indulgences can transform even an ordinary week into an at-home vacation. What those indulgences are may depend on your personal circumstances and preferences, but we think sleeping in, doing whatever you feel like, and eating what you want without counting calories sounds like a pretty great vacation.


If you just can’t stand to be at home a minute longer, volunteering can get you out of the house. Like other vacations, volunteering gives you a break from everyday life. However, it has the added benefit of helping your community and making you feel good about yourself.

Did you cancel a vacation due to COVID-19? If so, what are you doing instead? Let us know in the comments section below!

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