9 Advanced Baking Recipes to Try at Home

With more time at home, many people have upped their baking games. If you’ve been cranking out delicious baked goods for the last few weeks, you might be ready to take your skills to the next level and try something a little more advanced. These nine recipes will test your skills, but we think the results may be worth it!

If you’re new to baking and want some easier recipes to start, check out these 8 easy baking recipes instead!

Rose Apple Pie via Much Better

This recipe takes classic apple pie and transforms it into a work of art. That’s why it makes the list. While it uses familiar apple pie flavors, the presentation is simply beautiful.

Macaron via Preppy Kitchen

Macarons are delicious and visually appealing, but they can be tricky to make. We like this recipe because walks you through each step carefully to help you get it just right!

Easy Homemade Croissant via Baking a Moment

Croissants are a French classic, and if you’ve ever tried one, you know why! These buttery, flaky treats are delicious with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We selected this recipe because it is a simplified take on the labor-intensive pastry. It’s still somewhat challenging, but it isn’t as complicated as some recipes.

Classic Opera Cake via My Evil Twin’s Kitchen

If you can’t resist a fancy dessert, then this one really takes the cake! Opera cake is a popular French dessert with Joconde cake, buttercream, coffee syrup, and chocolate glaze. This recipe makes the list because it is so elegant that jaws may drop.

Homemade Bagels via Beyond the Chicken Coop

While many Americans have enjoyed a good bagel, most probably haven’t made their own. It’s no wonder why! Between making the dough, forming the bagels, boiling them, and baking them, producing a tasty bagel takes effort. We’ve included this recipe on the list because that effort pays off when you bite into a delicious, chewy bagel that you made.

30-Layer Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake via Eugenie Kitchen

Advanced baking can be fun and playful, which is why we’ve included this recipe on the list. Children may be particularly fond of the whimsical look of this cake, which consists of 30 layers of crepes. Technically, this recipe doesn’t involve actual baking since the crepes are made in a frying pan, but making the batter and assembling the cake use a lot of the same skills.

Honey Baklava via Saving Room for Dessert

Baklava is a sticky, sweet, nutty, rich dessert popular in the Middle East and Greece. While there are many variations on the dish, we selected this recipe because it is relatively traditional without being overly complex. If you prefer a challenge, you could also try making your own phyllo dough to use in the recipe.

Sarawak Layer Cake via El Mundo Eats

Sarawak cake is a Malaysian dessert traditionally served on special occasions. This recipe makes the list because it has such a beautiful pattern that we think any day you served it would automatically become special.

Vegan Lemon Olive Oil Cake via Veggie Society

Vegan desserts often have a reputation for being difficult to make since they don’t use the butter or eggs often included in baked goods. We love this cake’s vibrant colors and bright flavors, but the main reason we included it on the list is that it is approachable for first-time vegan bakers. The steps take some time, but none of them are terribly challenging.

How have your baking skills progressed during quarantine? Comment below to let us know what you’ve been whipping up!

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