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5 Affordable Girls’ Night Out Ideas for Fall

Getting together with your friends is a valuable way to relax and recharge. But if you’ve been friends for a long time, you may be running out of ideas for what to do on your next girls’ night out. These five fun ideas are affordable and perfect for fall.

Crafting Party

Fall offers a wealth of crafting opportunities. You can put together festive fall decor or just carve pumpkins together. There are crafts that fit in virtually any budget, so the price point is flexible. But if there’s extra room in your budget, a bottle of wine to share could definitely transform your crafting party into more of an event.

Cooking Class

With cooler weather and abundant fall produce, fall is a great time to cook or bake. You might be able to find a cooking class in your community that you can attend as a group. Otherwise, you could each hold a cooking class for each other and rotate weeks. Not only can you enjoy a fun night together, but you can also finally share your favorite recipes with each other.

Netflix Binge

You’ve talked about the latest show or movie with your friends, but somehow, you never get around to watching it. Fall is a great time to get together and watch all those Netflix programs you’ve been meaning to watch forever. If you pop some popcorn and everyone brings their own blanket, your girls’ night out could feel a lot like the sleepovers you enjoyed when you were young.

Visit a Haunted House

If you and your friends love a good scare, visit a haunted house! Haunted houses spring up every fall, and they’re usually pretty affordable. Some even stay open after Halloween has passed. Going as a group can get your blood pumping. Plus, if the haunted house is too scary, you’ll have your friends there to comfort you.

Go for a Night Hike

Fall is beautiful during the day, but have you been out at night? Going on a hike after dark can give you a chance to look at the stars, enjoy the crisp night air, and maybe tell a few of your favorite ghost stories. While night hikes are fun, be sure to take precautions. Bring plenty of flashlights, go with a large group, avoid going to isolated areas, and make sure you have a cell phone that will work at your destination.

What is your favorite way to enjoy fall with your friends? Let us know in the comments section below.

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