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Affordable Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Our dogs are a big part of our family and are often spoiled just as much as are own children and deserve just as much love. That’s why I love these affordable homemade dog food recipes!

I would imagine most dogs would prefer to eat human food every day, so why not make them some delicious food and treats with safe ingredients you can find in your pantry? These recipes are affordable, nutritionally balanced, and often healthier than what you can purchase in the stores. According to the American Kennel Club you do want to avoid chocolate, cinnamon, garlic, ice cream, almonds, and macadamia nuts in anything you give your pooch.

  1.  Easy Crockpot Beef & Rice Meal via Canine Journal. This only takes 10 minutes to prep and can be left in the crockpot. Yields 12 cups and can be frozen!
  2.  Peanut Butter Cookies via Money Crashers. If you use organic peanut butter in this it will cut down on the unhealthy hydrogenated oils.
  3. Meat Cakes via The Dog Bakery. This recipe has nearly a 5-star rating and the best part? It can double as a Birthday Cake on their birthday!
  4. Bow Wow Brunch via The BARk. I never really thought about giving my dog mango, but this recipe sounds good enough for me to eat!
  5. Apple Pretzels via American Kennel Club. There are only three ingredients in these pretzels and they are so easy to make.
  6. Homemade Dog Food via Damn Delicious. This recipe has 50% protein, 25% Veggies and 25% grains. The ratios are easy to adjust with this recipe based on the needs of your dog.
  7. Dog Donuts via Sunny Day Family. These donuts have a yogurt frosting with bacon sprinkles. Need I say more?
  8. Woof Loaf via Popsugar. This recipe gave me the idea to include a hardboiled egg in the middle of my meatloaf. Plus, it only takes 45 minutes to cook.
  9. Pumpkin Dog Waffles via My Life Cookbook. I never thought to look for breakfast recipes for my dogs, but this easy five-ingredient recipe makes me want to go make some now!
  10. Fresh Breath Treats via DIY Dog Mom. What better type of treat than one that makes your pup happy AND makes their breath smell good?
  11. Sweet Potato Puppy Muffins via Proud Dog Mom. These sweet potato muffins are also grain free and only takes five minutes to prep.
  12. Banana Oatmeal Cookies via VegAnnie. These only require TWO ingredients!!!! And they’re ready from beginning to end in under 30 minutes.
  13. Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Pupcakes via Will Cook for Friends. If you don’t want to give your puppy a meat cake for their birthday but would like to give it a special pupcake, here’s a great recipe!  

Be sure to check with your vet before giving these items to your dog to make sure all ingredients are safe for their health.

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