Valentine's Day

6 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can warm your heart in the dead of winter. Sadly, it can also carry a hefty enough price tag to knock your budget out cold. Between flowers, candy, and dinner out, many couples rack up quite the bill.

But does your pocketbook really need to take a hit to show your heart’s affections? We don’t think so! These six affordable ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day can give you time to connect with your significant other without bleeding your wallet dry.

Go Out for Coffee, Breakfast, or Lunch

On Valentine’s Day, many couples enjoy dinners out. While having dinner out can certainly be enjoyable, it is also usually more expensive than other meals. Not only that, but restaurants are flooded with other couples, so you’ll likely need a reservation to get into the hottest restaurants.

Enjoying a different meal out can be less expensive and just as romantic. You might take your significant other out for a coffee, breakfast, or lunch. Plus, that leaves the evening free for another round of celebration!

Make Dinner Together

If you and your beloved partner decide to spend the night in, cooking a meal together can be an enjoyable way to reconnect.

Decide on a menu together and divvy up the tasks. You might each make a dish you’re already good at preparing, or try recipes you haven’t used before for a little excitement.

Make the cooking process more fun by thinking of it as a date rather than everyday meal prep. If one of you is a better cook than the other, you might also consider treating it as a fun cooking class. If neither of you is very skilled in the kitchen, don’t worry! You can enjoy plenty of laughs as you fumble through simple recipes.

Once the meal is ready, you can savor it in the comfort of your own home and take pride in the fact that you prepared it as a team.

Hit Your Netflix Queue

You and your significant other lead busy lives, so we’re sure your Netflix (or other streaming service) queue has a long backlog of movies and shows you really want to watch but just haven’t had time for. What better excuse to snuggle up on the couch than a Valentine’s Day Netflix binge?

Have a Throwback Date Night

Remember when you and your love first met? Try to recreate that magic! A throwback date night can be a fun way to reminisce. You might watch the first movie you ever saw together, enjoy the meal you had on your first date, or do whatever else reminds you of when your relationship was young. And if you want to wear your favorite clothes from back then, more power to you!

Get Outside

There are so many wonderful free things you can do outside as a couple! You could head to your favorite park to bike or hike, or you could stargaze in your own backyard. If you live in a cold climate, having a snowball fight, building a snowman, or ice skating can be fun, playful activities for couples.

Transform a Space in Your Home

Remember when you were a kid and carving out a small, private place in your home felt special? You and your significant other can recreate that feeling for Valentine’s Day. Building a pillow fort, setting up an indoor picnic, or even camping in your own living room could help you recapture some of the magic of your youth.

What affordable activities have you come up with to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Inspire us with your romantic ideas in the comments section below!

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