How to Shop and Save at ALDI Grocery Stores

ALDI operates nearly 2,000 stores in 36 states, so there’s a strong chance there’s a location near you. And for anyone looking to save money on groceries, ALDI is a true blessing. However, to get the most out of your ALDI shopping experience, there are a few things you need to know.

Bring Your Own Bags

To cut costs, ALDI does not supply free bags. That means that if you want to bag your groceries, you’ll have to supply the bag or purchase a bag at ALDI. ALDI also has empty cardboard boxes you can use for free. What’s neat about this is that you’re in full control of what goes where in your shopping bags. No hasty baggers throwing jars on top of eggs!

Bring a Quarter

This is the biggest adjustment you’ll have to make when shopping at ALDI. To save money on labor and pass those savings to customers, ALDI doesn’t employ anyone to get carts from the parking lot. Instead, you’ll need to insert a quarter into the shopping cart to release it from the cart station. To get your quarter back, just take the cart back to the station, hook it up to the rest of the carts, and your quarter will be released!

Don’t Wait for Coupons

ALDI does not traditionally use or accept coupons (although they occasionally issue coupons for store openings). ALDI offers low prices every day, but if you’re looking for extra savings, watch for clearances. Clearance prices often appear as handwritten signs, so they’re easy to spot.

Try ALDI Brand Products

ALDI offers products that are similar to many of your favorite brand-name products, so you might consider replacing old favorites with ALDI brand products to save money on staple items.

Exchange Products

If you’re not happy with a ALDI brand product, don’t worry! The Twice As Nice Guarantee will both replace AND refund that product. This is a terrific way to try out new products without any financial risk.

Watch Ads and Shop Early

Most ALDI stores release their ads on Wednesday, but this can vary by store, so check with your local store to confirm. Once an ad is released, be sure to shop as soon as possible. ALDI frequently runs out of the best deals, so you may miss out on savings if you don’t shop right away. Want to plan ahead? Check the ALDI website to see most of the next week’s specials a week ahead of time. Some stores will even have hard copies of next week’s sales at the exit door!

These simple strategies can help you shop and save like a pro at ALDI!


  1. I use to shop at Aldi’s in Columbia Tn now I’m in Ky and the only one around is Bowling Green need one in Glasgow Ky


  2. I love Aldis and am so glad it is coming to Frankfort Ky. When I lived in Madison Indiana we had one and I loved it. So happy you are coming here.


  3. I shopped at Aldi’s in Victoria, TX and I loved shopping there. They have food items and such that you don’t normally find. Sure wish that they would come to San Antonio!


    • Marisol Rodriguez

      I absolutely love Aldi, I’m glad they move the aldi closer to my house instead of having to travel to go shopping there, which surely I was stopping my shopping cause I hated to travel to it. Also my mom is wishing they would put one in Edinburgh Tx or McAllen Tx they miss Aldi as well.


  4. Is there an Aldis in Mesa AZ? I’ve never seen one yet. I wish there was. However, they probably won’t be like the ones in RURAL NY. I was very disappointed with dollar general stores out here compared to NY. I was able to do much of my shopping at Dollar General in NY. They dont have food furniture, lawn furniture shoes and clothing like the NY DG. I could even get my otc meds in NY. not here. The store on Brown rd things were out dated. I bought a mixer and the beaters had been used and were dirty and they didnt even go to the mixer. I threw it away. Didnt want to run back out there for exchange, and my coffee k cups were dated 2016.


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