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All About the Flipp Coupon App

Between weekly ads and coupons, it can feel like you need to pack for a major expedition just to hit the stores and find the best deals. If you maintain a shopping list the length of a Russian novel, the task becomes even more challenging. Luckily, the Flipp app provides an easy solution that condenses all your favorite resources into the palm of your hand.   

Here are some of Flipp’s features that can simplify your next shopping adventure:

Tons of Weekly Ads

The Flipp app offers apps from over 1000 retailers, making it easy to peruse the latest ads from your favorite stores.

Not only that, ads are searchable, allowing you to find the best deals on any product you’re shopping for.

In-Store Coupons

Saving coupons to loyalty cards can be a great way to rack up savings, but with more and more stores offering this option, keeping track of all the savings available through all your loyalty cards can get complicated. Flipp makes adding coupons to your loyalty cards simple. You can simply input your loyalty card information into the app and then add coupons to your loyalty cards for stores like Meijer, Walgreens, and CVS through one convenient interface.

The Flipp app also offers store coupons that you can clip in the app or print for easy use. You can find coupons for Staples, Office Depot & OfficeMax, Sentry Foods, Save A Lot, and more.

Shareable Shopping List

The Flipp app can make maintaining a shopping list tremendously easy. You can select items from weekly ads or add items manually. When it’s time to shop, access or your shopping list through the app or print it out.

An added bonus of Flipp’s shopping list is that you can share it, so you can effortlessly ask your significant other to pick up a few items.

The Flip app can be an invaluable resource for any shopper who values convenience and savings.

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