Baking Day Part 3 | The Results

baking day

I am completely worn out.  Completely. Here’s why:

baking day food

(2) Vegetarian Chili (un-vegetarianized, my husband requested that I add ground beef)
(1) Veggie Lasagna (large – will feed our family at least 2 meals)
(4) Breakfast Hot Pockets, 3 – 4 per package (these turned out HUGE!)
(5) Cinnamon Rolls, 4-5 per package (there were 6, exchanged with friend for 5 eggs because I ran out!)
(1) Chicken Pot Pie Soup (not pictured, eaten for dinner)

(2) Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins (18 out of 24 left to freeze!)
(2) Banana Nut Bread
(1) Stuffed Bread Sticks (will make several snacks)
(4) Beans in 2 cup portions (see a great tutorial for cooking dried beans here, as well as the “per can” savings)
(4) Pie Crusts (not pictured, forgotten)

I am really excited about all the breakfasts.  I am not a morning person, and cooking first thing when I wake up is just not going to happen.  Now I have several homemade breakfasts that I can microwave in the mornings for the kiddos.  They will be thrilled!

This was a hard day, but thinking of not cooking again, at all, for at least a week makes it so worth it.  I mean, if you had to choose between working a little bit a day for 7 days a week, or working for one really long day and taking the rest of the week off, which would you choose?

Find all the recipes HERE and some yummy-looking pictures HERE.


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  2. Linked here from moneysavingmom……..I made the breakfast pockets a few weeks ago, and was glad to see yours came out huge too….I thought I did something wrong!!!!! They are good tho 🙂 We’ve actually been using them for dinners!!

    Great site!! I’ll be back:)


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