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Best Apps for Thrift Shopping (and Selling) Online

Thrift shopping is making a comeback and we are loving it! That being said, in-person thrift stores aren’t always ideal. Some may not have a good thrift shop in their community, while others may prefer the convenience of shopping online. Whether you hope to buy or sell items, this post will share four of our favorite apps for thrifting from the comfort of your own home.

Why Buy Secondhand?

There are so many reasons buying secondhand is a good thing:

  1. Get More for Less. It can help you snag affordable fashion finds at dirt cheap prices. Fashionistas can fill their closets with amazing pieces without going totally broke.
  2. Turn Rags to Riches. It’s a great way to clear space and make money. Once you are ready to say goodbye to some of your items, you can sell your items to fellow secondhand shoppers. Oftentimes, you can make more on the sale than your originally spent!
  3. Save the Planet. Fast fashion has exploded over recent years, and that has led to an insane amount of textile waste in our landfills. The more we can all reduce and reuse clothes, the less waste will be added to the problem!

Favorite Thrift Shopping Apps

Now that you’re convinced to start secondhand shopping, here are four of our favorite thrift shopping and selling apps:


ThredUP bills itself as the “largest online consignment & thrift store.” You can use the app to shop for thousands of brands at up to 90% off retail prices. If you’re looking to clean out some unwanted items from your closet, you can order a Clean Out Kit. This kit comes with a free shipping label, so all you have to do is pack up your items and ship them off. If thredUP accepts your items, it will photograph them, list them, and ship them. If they reject your items, you can choose to have them shipped back to you for a fee or recycled.


Poshmark bills itself “the largest social marketplace for fashion.” Poshmark the middleman involved in some thrifting apps, so you buy and sell more directly. As a buyer, you can browse photos and receive items shipped directly from the previous owner. To sell your items, you can photograph them and list them directly through the app. If someone purchases your item, you then ship it using a pre-paid label.


Tradesy focuses on designer fashion, including high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Chanel. Sellers can list their items directly through the app. Tradesy provides pre-paid shipping kits to make mailing easy. If you buy through Tradesy and think your item may not be authentic, you can return it to Tradesy for authentification. If Tradesy finds it isn’t authentic, Tradesy will refund your purchase price.


Mercari has a broader focus than most thrifting apps. Not only can you buy and sell fashion, but you can also buy and sell electronics, toys, home items, and more. To sell items, you photograph and list them directly through the app, then ship them using a printable shipping table. With an estimated 150,000 items added daily, shoppers can find a wide array of products.

Have you tried a thrifting app yet? If so, how did it go? Share your experiences in the comments section below.


  1. I love thrift shopping. As a child I said I would never wear second-hand clothes, but I’ve changed my mind a long time ago. You can get good clothes for a great price.


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