How to Host a Bridal Shower on a Budget

If a friend or family member is getting married, you may find yourself wrapped up in the excitement and romance of it all. Hosting a bridal shower can be a wonderful way to celebrate, but you may be sorely tempted to overspend to make the event extra special. If you’ve seen “Bridesmaids,” you know what we mean.

So how do you throw a wonderful party without having to spend thousands of dollars on puppies to hand out as party favors? Read on to learn our favorite money-saving tricks to host a bridal shower on a budget!

Ask Others to Help

There’s no need to go it alone! Enlisting other people to help can take some of the workload and financial burden off you. Having all the bridesmaids contribute is one way to approach divvying up the party responsibilities. You might also consider asking everyone working on the party to contribute a set amount of money towards the budget to make sure no individual is shouldering too much of the load.

Select a Low-Cost or No-Cost Venue

A venue can take a good chunk of your budget, but it’s also one of the easiest places to cut expenses. Look around for low-cost venues. Park buildings and community rooms in apartments are often affordable and usually allow you to bring in your own food. Some restaurants also have private rooms you can use for a low-fee or free if you purchase meals from them. If one of the co-hosts is willing to host the party at their home, that can be even more affordable.

Cater It Yourself

If your party is at a venue that allows you to bring in outside food, you can save a lot of money by catering the event yourself. You could plan the event menu with your co-hosts and have everyone make a couple of dishes.

If you’re not up for cooking, you could also stock up on Costco deli and bakery items as a more affordable alternative to hiring a caterer. And really—doesn’t every party need a Costco cake?

Decorate Wisely

You want the party to look fun and festive, but that doesn’t mean you have to put a lot of your budget into the decor.

There are lots of great ways to save on your decorations. One way is to do DIY projects. Crafting centerpieces and other decor can be affordable, and it might be a fun project for the group to do together. If you have more lead time to plan the bridal shower, you might also consider stocking up on items on sale after Valentine’s Day. Since Valentine’s Day decorations generally focus on love-related themes, they can fit right in with a bridal shower. Finally, Dollar Tree is always one of our favorite destinations for affordable party supplies. You can find tableware, catering supplies, balloons, artificial flowers, and so many other items that may come in handy at a bridal shower.

Play Free Shower Games

Sure, you can buy pre-made shower games for everyone to enjoy at the party. But there are also lots of free options available. Just hit Pinterest to find your favorites, or use your own creativity to invent new and unique games!

Avoid Expensive Favors

You don’t need to buy expensive party favors to hand out. In fact, many guests may be more impressed with something you made yourself, like homemade cookies or a cute craft.

Have you ever hosted a bridal shower? What did you do to make sure the event stayed within your budget? Share your tips in the comments section below!

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