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Do you like telling others about products that you’ve tried?  Do you like trying those products for free?  If you do, then you will love BzzAgent!

BzzAgent is a Word of Mouth Marketing Network.  You get to try new products (for free!) and spread the word – create “buzz” – about them!  You also get to share your opinions and influence companies and brands.

It is completely free to join!  Once you join you are not obligated to do anything, but trust me, you will want to!  You will have a lot of opportunities to try new products, take surveys, and discover new sites.  Everything is voluntary though.  You do not get paid, but the freebies are pretty cool!  For example, this year so far I have received Childrens Claritin, coupons for free entree’s at Chilis, Max Factor Makeup, and Clean & Clear Face Wash products.  All the products I received were full size, and a couple packages included multiple products!  All of them came with coupons for me plus some to share with friends.

Once you receive the products or coupons you try them out then share your opinion with others.  Think your friend would love the Clean & Clear makeup remover you got to try?  Tell her about it and share one of the provided samples or coupons with her.  After you do, submit a Bzz report online describing what was said and how your friend reacted.  The Bzz Reports are very important and they read every one!

The more stuff you do on Bzz, the higher status you have.  The higher your status, the earlier you get Campaign invites!  It is really so much fun trying new products and getting to share them with others!

Just remember that while the freebies and coupons are great, it is important that you share them as intended and that you give your honest opinion once you’ve tried them.

Would you like to be a BzzAgent?  Sign up HERE!


  1. I have been a buzz agent for almost a year, and love it. My last campaign was the new scrubbing bubbles and windex one, and I ended up getting about 10 coupons for free full size bottles and they even sent me 4 full size products of the windex, kitchen cleaner, bath cleaner and toilet cleaner. I love this program.


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