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How to Save Money on Groceries with Manager’s Specials

“Manager’s Specials”, “reduced for quick sale”, “markdowns”, whatever your store calls them; they are great for saving money on groceries. Stores will mark down items like meat, produce, dairy, and bread when they don’t think they will be able to sell their inventory before they expire. There is the potential to save a lot of money if you know how […]

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Couponing Basics
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Anatomy of a Coupon: How to Read Coupons

I don’t know about you, but the biggest hurdle I had when I first started using coupons was the uncertainty that came with it. Am I using it right? What if the cashier rejects it? One of the best ways to defend against this uncertainty is knowing how to read your coupons. Understanding how your coupons work will empower you […]

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Couponing Basics
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How to Get FREE Coupons From Your Favorite Brands!

One of my favorite ways to get coupons is to email the manufacturers of my favorite products. I routinely look through my house for products that I love and use regularly. Then I go to the product websites and look for the “contact us” link. Some websites have an email form and some just have an email address. Then I […]

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