NEW Walmart Official Coupon Policy

Walmart has finally issued an Official Walmart Coupon Policy online! I suggest printing off a copy so you have it on hand when you shop, just in case you have problems redeeming your coupons. You can view and print the Official Walmart Coupon Policy HERE. Walmart WILL accept the following: Manufacturer’s coupons Printed-at-home Internet coupons – WILL NOT accept printed-at-home coupons […]

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A simple guide to shopping and saving at Aldi discount supermarkets!
Store Guides and Policies

Aldi Shopping Guide

Now that Aldi stores are popping up here in Texas, I thought I would share what I know about shopping at Aldi.  I lived in Ohio for a short time with an Aldi store just minutes from my house.  While I usually preferred shopping at grocery stores where I could get better deals with coupons, I would shop at Aldi occasionally for […]

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