All About the Chick-fil-A One Rewards Program

Did you know that you could be earning rewards points with every Chick-fil-A meal? Here is everything you need to know about the Chick-fil-A One rewards program.

What is it?

Chick-fil-A One is the restaurant chain’s tiered membership program that gives customers the ability to earn points with every purchase. These points can then be used to redeem rewards such as free food and restaurant giveaways.

Note that the Chick-fil-A One app and program are not supported at licensee locations such as Chick-fil-A Express and licensed locations in airports and college campuses.

How do I join?

Joining the program is free! Download the Chick-fil-A mobile app or create an account online.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points on every in-store, mobile app or catering purchase made at Chick-fil-A. Just make sure you scan your Chick-fil-A One barcode at checkout if it’s an in-store purchase.

If you forget to scan at the time of purchase, you can still request credit for it within 30 days by visiting this page. Don’t make this a habit though; you’re only allowed a limited number of missing transactions per account!

What rewards are available?

Depending on how much you spend at Chick-fil-A in a given year, you will fall under one of three membership tiers. Each of these tiers has different earning rates as well as different annual perks.

Check out the rewards for each tier below:


This is the level everyone starts at. Just join and you’ll be considered a Member!

  • Earn 10 points for every $1 spent
  • Free food rewards redeemable with points
  • Bonus free food rewards from your local Chick-fil-A
  • Birthday reward

Silver Member

Get to this level when you earn 1,000 points within the same year.

  • Earn 11 points for every $1 spent
  • Get all the perks of a Member plus…
  • Ability to gift rewards to friends and family
  • Meal donation on member’s behalf

Red Member

Get to this level when you earn 5,000 points within the same year.

Visit the Chick-fil-A One page for complete terms and conditions, FAQs, and more!

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