Chili’s $5 Margarita of the Month for July

Did you know that Chili’s has a special flavored $5 margarita of the month? Yes, a full-sized margarita for just $5! And not just during happy hour – this special is available all day, every day.

These flavors change monthly and for 2019 have included:

  • January – The Cherry Blossom
  • February – The Grand Romance
  • March – The Lucky Jameson
  • April – The Straw-Eddy
  • May – The Tequila Trifecta
  • June – Stacay’Rita

For July, the special flavor is the Southern Back Porch ‘Rita, a perfect blend of Southern Comfort®, Lunazul® Blanco Tequila, fresh sour and mango puree shaken like a Polaroid picture to perfection! All month long, all day every day, this southern-style margarita is only $5.00.

Find your local Chili’s and enjoy! Keep your eyes open for August through December flavors as well.

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