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Our Favorite Christmas Storage Solutions on Amazon

As the holiday season comes to an end, you might be starting to pack away some of your Christmas items. But without the right storage solutions, you may be left cramming your favorite holiday decor into whatever bag or box you have available. If not stored carefully, some of your items could get dusty, dirty, or damaged before the holiday season rolls around again. These holiday storage solutions can help protect your favorite seasonal decor and make it easier to bring out year after year.

Ornament Storage

Since ornaments can be fragile, it is particularly important to find the right storage solution to keep them safe. If they survived your children and pets while they were on the tree, it would seem tragically ironic for them to break in storage! We think these ornament boxes are a terrific place to store them:

Christmas Tree Storage

Artificial Christmas trees can be bulky and difficult to store. Storage bags can keep your tree neatly contained so there aren’t any rogue branches poking out. We think these bags look exceptionally convenient:

  • AerWo Christmas Tree Storage Bag – This storage bag can accommodate disassembled artificial trees up to 8-feet tall. Four handles make it easier to maneuver through your house.
  • Primode Holiday Rolling Tree Storage Bag – If you’re lucky enough to have closet space near where you set up your tree, this wheeled storage bag may be a super convenient option. It can hold disassembled trees up to 6-feet tall.

Wreath Storage

Since they’re round, wreaths can’t always be packed neatly into a box. For a better fit, you may need a storage solution designed specifically for wreaths. These options may be good fits for many wreaths:

Gift Wrap Storage

If you have leftover holiday gift wrap, it would be a shame to let it go to waste! Packing it away for next year seems like a simple solution, but it can be hard to keep it clean and prevent it from unrolling. These storage containers might help you keep your holiday gift wrap neat and tidy:

  • Zober Wrapping Paper Storage Bag – This cylinder-shaped bag can hold up to 20 rolls of wrapping paper and comes with a bonus ribbon storage bag.
  • Regal Bazaar Double-Sided Hanging Gift Bag and Gift Wrap Organizer – This hanging organizer is so versatile, with pockets that can hold gift wrap, gift bags, gift tags, ribbon, and even holiday cards. If you like to keep all your wrapping supplies in one place, this might be just the solution you’re looking for! Its clear covering makes it easy to see what you have without having to dig around in the bag.

How do you store your holiday decor? What special ideas have you come up with? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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