Wallet-Friendly Weekend: Host the Ultimate Classic Movie Night

Looking for something fun to do this weekend without blowing your budget? Host the ultimate classic movie night!

This can be as simple as microwaving popcorn and popping in a few of your favorite classic movies. Or you can really have some fun with it with costumes, fancy eats, and more. Check out my list of affordable ways to turn a regular movie night into a night to remember, plus my favorite classic movies if you need some inspiration!

How to Upgrade Your Classic Movie Night

Dress Up Like Classic Hollywood Stars

Don a string of pearls and silk black gloves, sport a fedora, or wrap yourself in a glamorous feather boa to transport yourself to Hollywood in the roaring 20’s! If you need some guidance, check out this in-depth 1920’s fashion guide for women, men and children.

Bring On The Bubbly

Swap out soda and juice for a bottle of champagne or sparkling apple cider to make it feel like you’re at a classic Hollywood viewing party. And don’t forget the champagne flutes!

Serve Up Fancy Hors D’oeuvres

Check out these easy DIY hors d’oeuvres recipes to take the place of (or be in addition to) popcorn and candy.

Pose For The Paparazzi 

Set up a DIY photo booth to capture your 1920’s look and have some fun with dramatic Hollywood poses. All you need is a tripod for your camera-enabled phone, a backdrop (a bedsheet works great), and some 1920’s photo booth props if you want them!

My Favorite Classic Movies

Family Friendly

For The Big Kids

What are some of your favorite classic movies?

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