1. My church does something very similar. They call them g*love boxes and make them up in pencil cases so that they fit in your car’s glovebox. Fast food certificates are another great item to include. Helps someone get a hot meal as well. Thanks for posting this!!


  2. I also highly recommend the Ronald McDonald House as a great charity to donate to! My local Ronald McDonald House here in Cincinnati has a wish list of items that they would love to receive. Most of the items are things that we can get for free or almost free with coupons! I’ve had a lot of coupons for hand soap and shampoo! They also are looking for canned fruit, granola bars, and juice boxes!

    I love donating to the Ronald McDonald House. I love being able to donate practical items that I know will get used! Plus most of the items I donate were free or less than a dollar!

    The staff and families are always so appreciative when I come in! I also receive a thank you letter a couple day later!


  3. After spending a month at the Ronald McDonald house when my daughter was hospitalized last summer, I realized how much I relied on all the travel size products that were donated to them. It was a huge relief not having to worry about the expenses of needing toiletries and other items so I could concentrate on my daughter’s recovery. So now, every 3 months, my family makes a huge donation of the samples, freebies, and other items that we collect during that period to our local Ronald McDonald house. I would love for more people to consider them as an option!


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